Marmaray opened rents flew

Marmaray opened and rents flew: With the opening of the first stage of Marmaray, real estate prices increased in Kazlıçeşme, Yenikapı and Üsküdar regions where active stations are located. It is also very difficult to find for sale or rent in these areas.
Marmaray, which connects two continents with a tunnel under the sea, has blown the prices of real estate on its route. With the opening of the project Zeytinburnu, Fatih and Uskudar average 700 pounds, while the rental costs 1200 pounds, 200 thousand pounds appraised value of 1 million pounds reached.
Kazlıçeşme-Zeytinburnu, Yenikapı-Fatih and Üsküdar- started operating after the first stage opening of Marmaray.Kadıköy Housing and workplace prices in the districts increased significantly. Realtors, stating that the increase in the Marmaray route has been felt gradually since the project started, underlines that almost all of the flats and offices for rent or sale in the region are in high demand.

Syrians also affected
Realtors believe that the increase in real estate prices was also influenced by the Syrians who fleeing the civil war in their countries as well as Marmaray. Erdoğan Soyluoğulları, who has been a real estate agent for 32 in Zeytinburnu Kazlıçeşme, the last stop of the first stage of the Marmaray project on the European side, says that the impact of Marmaray on real estate prices began to be felt months ago. Another real estate agent in Zeytinburnu, Nazmi Uzun, says that the house prices reached almost 2 times with the demands of Syrian refugees as well as the increase that started months ago with Marmaray. Long, “2 + 1 houses rent 700 pounds today to rent out 1200 pounds. In addition to Marmaray, Syrians' demand for rental apartments has increased their rental prices. The landlords were initially hesitant to give Syrians a home, but when Syrians began to pay 1's annual rents in advance, they became attractive to them. There is high demand from Syrians for many of the rented apartments. Or
No place for sale
Hakim Cakmak, owner of Can Emlak, which serves in Kocamustafapasa, Samatya, says that under the influence of Marmaray, some workplace prices in Yenikapi region have increased 5 times. Çakmak said, “In Yenikapı region, the prices of workplaces rather than house rents increased significantly. Yenikapı 200 thousand pounds before Marmaray some businesses 1 million buyers find the figures. There is hardly any place for sale right now. ”
Those who are waiting too
The situation in Üsküdar is no different from the European side. Hüsret Temiz, a real estate agent in Üsküdar, says that 2 + 1 apartments are the buyers of 130 thousand pounds compared to a few months ago. Clean, “Very sold out apartment. The impact of Marmaray was definitely. There are those who keep their homes waiting. People think it will be even more valuable. ”

Marmaray caused significant increases not only in the districts with stations but also in real estate prices in the nearby regions where transportation is convenient.

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