How did Marmaray reach October 29?

How did Marmaray reach October 29? Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a student working at Marmaray. I liked the narration of our friend who is in charge of Marmaray's Yenikapı station. I wanted to share for those who wonder how Marmaray was raised on October 29…
“The year is 2012…
I work Kadıköy We put the Kartal subway into service. But there is always Marmaray in dreams. I said I would enter even as a cleaner and I will work on this project.
A short time passed and I was on the Marmaray project. I found myself in Yenikapı.
No proper work on the site. I was surprised. I thought how would such a project go so hard.
It turns out that project details were being created.
We waited a while. In the meantime, of course, there is a process of getting used to the Japanese.
There's an enormous paperwork. They don't start without documenting any details. They control every material one by one. All materials used in this project are above world standards.
It turned out that this project is not a simple and ordinary project.
The emptiness in the first days of the project has now completely disappeared and we found ourselves in the middle of a busy pace. The nights and the days started to get into each other. When we go down in the morning without the sunshine, when we go up again, it gets dark again. We lived 24 hours like night for a long time… There is tiredness but nobody thinks about it. There is a lot of work to be done and the time is short ...
Everyone is working hard. When we always say enough is enough, our project manager comes to mind. This project is a necessary project for our country, for our people… He used to say that we are working for the benefit of the society, for the future of our nation. At that moment, that tiredness would go away. We would get back to work.
On October 29, we scrutinized and knitted everything to be proud of our work. We tried to avoid any mistakes. We thought that this project, in which the world's safest and world-class materials were used, would really be a small gift to our people from us.
Our daily working hours 17-18 hours. But nobody was complaining.
Even the spouses of our married ones are jokingly "do we send the divorce notice to the construction site or home? :) they would ask.
Of course, the tempo of the project has increased in the months to come.
Preparations, tests are being tried to be trained, and even the tests carried out repeatedly did not satisfy us. Always the same question in our minds? What if something goes wrong? We thought about how we would look at people's face in this project.
We said, "Let us do our work properly;
Thank God we opened our project to our people without any problem.
Good luck to the nation.
Our people should get on Marmaray with peace of mind, they should not feel any worries ...
And I call it a bit of a point. Do not pity these efforts, sincere efforts.
As Mr. Prime Minister said; it was a dream Marmaray and it was real.
Get the gift to our people

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