Manned signaling system ends in ANTRAY

Manned signaling system ends in ANTRAY: Metropolitan Municipality worker withdraws from the light rail system route after 4 years. The signaling will be connected to the automatics as technology replaces the workers who act as 'signals' in rain, storm and scorching heat.
While the winter months showed its new face in ANTALYA, a step of the Metropolitan Municipality made the workers of the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System happy the most. Head of Department Emin Pehlivan announced that the "manned signaling" system applied at three points on the light rail system route, which started its first voyage on December 25, 2009, will soon end.
Antalya's light rail system ANTRAY, which starts from Kepezaltı Fatih stop and ends in Meydan, started its voyages on December 25, 2009 with the statement of the Metropolitan Municipality, 'All movements of the rail system vehicles along the route, the signaling system and the status of the switches can be monitored from the command center with advanced technology'. started. However, on the tram, which encountered vehicle traffic that cuts the line before Şarampol, İsmet Paşa and Doğu Garajı stops at three points along the line, first the Metropolitan Municipality police, then the Transportation Planning and Rail System Department workers started to act as 'signals'.
Employees, who started their voyage at 06.30 at ANTRAY, moved to their places of duty, became a 'red light' when the tram approached, and stopped the vehicle traffic; With the departure of the tram, it got off the road and became a 'green light'. The 'manned signaling system', which was expected to be of short duration, did not work as expected. Even huts were placed in suitable places to protect them from rain, storm and extreme heat. The employees, who spent 4 summer and 3 winter seasons on the route, received good news while getting ready for their 4th winters.
Pehlivan, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, stated that they have been working to solve the problem for many years and said, “Previously, we wanted to solve the problem by purchasing technology and connected equipment from abroad, but the costs were keeping very high. We went on its way from Turkey to find a solution and a company that has developed a solution that enables remote and manual operation of the signaling system at three points, "he said.
The application runs on pallets and can be remotely detected by pallets. When the tram is approaching, these pallets provide a red light for the traffic. When the last car of the tram leaves the tracks, the light turns green for the vehicles. In the event of a malfunction in the system, the pedal placed in the passenger compartment is activated and the signal lights red as long as the foot rests.
Head of Department Emin Pehlivan noted that the system in question is currently in the testing phase at the İsmet Paşa stop next to the Balbey Mosque. Noting that the first results of the system, which was put to the test on Wednesday, were positive and it worked in the performance they expected, Pehlivan said, “We have not encountered any problems for the moment. But we continue to keep our employees there waiting. The tests will continue in this way for a while. At the point we say 'it is done', we will implement it at the other two points ”.

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