Logistics Center to be implemented in Trabzon

The Logistics Center should be implemented in Trabzon: Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz said that the projects developed by the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which he visited on return, for both the city, the Doka region and our country are very important. Governor Öz, together with President Hacısalihoğlu, visited the Project Coordination Office and ABİGEM, where TTSO's projects were produced, and wished success to the employees.
Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz stated in his assessment that the infrastructure of the Bio Technology Center was established in a sense, and said, “The Whey Project carried out by TTSO is a Bio-technological production facility. Infrastructure is being formed for the Bio Technology Center. In addition to these studies, a significant progress will be taken in the region in high R&D studies for the future by establishing the Bio Technology Center in Trabzon.
Trabzon Logistics Center is a very useful project for the future of the implementation of expressing Trabzon Governor Abdil Jalil Oz, if Turkey continues to this rapid development would connect to the region as soon as the Railways.
Stating that he observed that the industrial production of Trabzon is at a very important level, Trabzon Governor Öz said, “Industry normally does not seem to exist. But we are at a better level than many provinces that say I exist in the industry. Some of our potential is not visible. Our industrial products grouped in certain areas, such as Arsin, and scattered in the city, are very important. "What does this city produce, we need to show this to everyone."
Emphasizing that Trabzon's city center needs to be brought together with tourists, Governor Öz said that Ortahisar is the region most prepared for this meeting. The new functions of the other houses in the area where the Kanuni house is located kazanNoting that studies have been initiated to ensure that the It can be implemented here as well. For example, concept museums should be increased. In this sense, the movement kazanIn line with this, the old provincial mansion in Ortahisar should be reused as the governor's office. At the same time, it should be given a structure that exhibits the history and culture of the city. I will work in this direction.”
Stating that Trabzon could not use these values ​​very well despite its experience in all branches of art, Governor Abdil Celil Öz said, "Bigger steps should be taken with the existing infrastructure."
Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry President M. Suat Hacısalihoğlu gave extensive information to Governor Abdil Celil Öz about the projects carried out by the chamber. Innovation is the central work of the project, stating that Turkey is aiming to reduce dependence on foreign Hacısalihoğlu, "providing technical training in preparation for the INNOVATION center Technopolis Our site continues. This project aims to produce high-tech products in Trabzon, which our country has to import from abroad in the coming period. It is very important for Trabzon.
In the project which aims to establish a modern production area with IPA support and cluster model of the enterprises operating in the shipyard sector, Hacısalihoğlu Çamburnu stated that the companies came to the stage of establishing a joint company and gave detailed information about the project in the shipyard area.
Hacısalihoğlu, who shared the details of the production of milk powder from whey, which is very important for our region, carried out by TTSO with the support of IPA, with Governor Öz said, “We have reached the tender stage in the project. We kept the capacity of the whey processing plant to be established in Trabzon center high. We will also collect whey from the Erzurum region. We will set up the concentration unit there. ”
President Hacısalihoğlu, since 2010 regarding logistics center of Trabzon by outlining the work that TTSO'nun Logistics Centers to execute, on behalf of Turkey and said that the need to develop international trade. In this sense, he emphasized that they follow and mature the project with a structure that includes all local governments in the city. He stated that they foresee the establishment of a logistics center that will meet the needs in the region and that they want scientific data to be put first on site selection.
Hacısalihoğlu, who presented the animation showing the operation and technical structure of the planned logistics center as a result of the works and the project details to the Governor Öz, said, “The logistics center has four pillars. These are highway, airway, seaway and railway. We have three of them. Airline is very important in logistics planning. "Its examples in the world show that airports and logistics bases are set up side by side."
Stating that in addition to the Logistics Center, the Industrial Zone should be implemented in Trabzon, Hacısalihoğlu said. There is a shortage of production space in our region. The biggest obstacle for the industrialist is the land problem. Although this problem is tried to be overcome with the OIZs being established, the cost to the state is very high. The cost of the investment islands, examples of which are seen in the international arena, is very low and the production capacity should be increased by implementing an example in our region.
Adding that Trabzon's cultural and artistic studies are of great importance for the country, President Hacısalihoğlu reminded that the country's first opera house was established in Trabzon in 1912 in its historical depths, ”Trabzon State Opera and Ballet Directorate was established in Samsun. Trabzon already deserves this directorate with its historical identity. We had meetings with the General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet. They look warmly in Trabzon. If Trabzon Opera and Ballet Directorate is established, more than 300 employment will be provided in our city. In addition, although it was established in many provinces, there is no State Cultural Center in our city.
Adding that Trabzon should overcome the accommodation capacity problem in the congress center project, President Hacısalihoğlu said that this problem will be overcome with tourism investments, and at the same time, prepared in winter tourism activities carried out with the aim of spreading tourism in the region to 12 months, "Winter Tourism Master Plan from Uzungöl to Ovit" He noted that it will have an important function.

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