Local companies need to meet on rails

Public-domestic firms need to meet the rails: Turkey stood a major attack on the rail system in the area in recent years and the high-speed train from Marmaray` in number every day rail from domestic manufacturers of our country around the arm to the regulations will highlight the growing metro intensified efforts to equip the system.
RAYDER gathering the sector under the roof of the company by bringing the firms to the state, as well as the cooperation between the universities and the industry to provide high-rail systems to achieve high targets of labor. We talked about the momentum of the sector in our special interview with RAYDER Secretary General Emel Sakarya and the steps to be taken in order to reach the big targets.
One of the indicators of development of a country is the size of the share of rail systems in transportation. Our country, which has been neglected for many years, has started a project that will connect with the whole country with a big attack. RAYDER, the only association of the sector, is carrying out works that will support these projects at every point. RAYDER Secretary General Amal Sakarya, with companies and associations in Turkey's rail systems ranging from studies conducted with university policy, we carried out an interview. Sakarya, says that he believes Turkey's rail in the future very well in the systems and, as an association to promote the preparation for production in as soon as possible rail system of domestic firms, it underlines that they learn primarily aim to have them pioneer and help.
Can you tell us about the establishment and mission of RAYDER, which operates as the only association in the rail systems sector?
RAYDER is the association of industrialists and academicians who produce vehicles / products / engineering / services for the railway sector. The Association of Rail Transport Systems and Businessmen (RAYDER) is based on 2005. At first, academics were leading the way. In 2011 there was a change of management and businessmen and industrialists added on behalf. Of course, we also get the support of academics. The majority of our members are companies engaged in the production of rail systems and academicians who are experts in the railway sector in these universities. Our goal is to contribute to development in every sense of the rail system in Turkey. RAYDER organization of our railway industrialists, solution of problems faced by our country's conditions taking into account the creation of rail standards / development, ensuring members' products certification, is working on introducing their line in Turkey and abroad. The rapidly growing rail systems suppliers in the development of domestic industry, foreign trade and to provide for the production off the deficit in Turkey is our main objective oluşturuyorrayd, UNIFEM (International Railway Industry Association) is the only member from Turkey.
There is a perception; The larger the rail system, the more developed the country. The spread of the rail system is also important for Turkey as well as for RAYDEN, right?
As with all over the world, railways and rail transport system in the new period in Turkey were prioritized, development has been adopted as a state policy. With the support of the current government incentive laws, infrastructure and sectoral investments continue to increase. This is line with policies in Turkey, railway freight and passenger transport on fast train, the Marmaray Project, conventional lines and our municipalities urban transportation problems resolving the metro / tram to meet the vehicle needs of the rail is expected to invest about 10 billion euros in the year ahead 35 for the system. Of course, the prevalence of rail systems shows the development of that country.
Why do you think that rail systems are combined with modernity and sophistication?
In cities where public transportation infrastructure is weak, individual car use comes to the forefront, inadequate roads are clogged, long queues and big time losses and environmental pollution occur. I The focus of the transportation problems of contemporary cities is the use of automobiles and the public transport is at the focal point of the solution kullanım. In large cities, rail transportation is increasing due to insufficient transportation systems developed for public transportation.
It is inevitable to use Light Metro / Tram to increase passenger carrying capacity besides shortening the journey time and increasing the comfort. This intermediate solution, called 'Light Rail System' in general, provides a gradual transition from tram to subway due to the increase in the number of city passengers.
In addition, high-speed trains entered our lives and their comfort was immediately recognized by the public. For example, 1 hours between Ankara-Eskisehir 25 minutes. You know, there are two very important universities in Eskişehir. Students from Ankara arrive in the morning and arrive at the school at 1,5 hour. Teachers are preparing the lesson on the train, students are working on the train. Both comfortable and economical. These features also make rail transport a symbol of sophistication.
However, being environmentally friendly and economical is one of the most important features of Rail Systems. In our country, oil-based, polluting, low security, the country is carrying a very high cost. 2013 year Turkey's crude oil imports are projected to be approximately 18,7 billion dollars. If refinery processing costs are added to this, the terrible dimensions of the oil-based transportation system to our country will be understood. However, environmentalists, safer, less risk of accidents rail systems Türkiye'degelişim We believe that the rapid increase of the transport and dissemination. We are encouraging and encouraging the preparation of domestic companies for the production in rail systems at the moment.
You mentioned the importance of test centers. Can we explain this a little bit?
There are currently no testing centers we can do about the rail system in Turkey. This year, the URAYSİM (National Rail Systems Center of Excellence) test center, which was approved by the Ministry of Development and will be realized with the contributions of Anadolu University, was established. This center will have a 27 km test road, when the project is completed, it will be one of the few centers in Europe on Rail Systems. And it will be open to R&D and product development activities of all stakeholders of the Rail Systems sector, both in the public and private sectors. Rail Systems will also certify its vehicles and components according to international standards.
The center is scheduled to be launched in the 3 year.
The 2023 targets are too large as you mentioned. So, what's changed in the regulations, what kind of innovations came? What arrangements does the government make when it sets these goals?
As you know, the railway transport sector is a long time waiting for the Liberalization Law on Railway Transport Turkey entered into force in May. How the law affects the sector and what it brings is now the most important topic of discussion. Another important theme is the 51 localization requirement in the Rail System vehicle purchase auctions. For example TCDD says, "I'll take 120-speed train sets, but I will put to tender condition nativism 51 percent of it," thus aims to work with local companies in Turkey, the company will participate in this tender. There are points that we find incomplete in this decision. This arrangement has been written for the procurement of 324 vehicles of Ankara Metro. But this does not have any binding substance and supervision in the tender offers, the firm that won the tender to do the work on the subject to do completely on its own initiative. Which companies to work with the domestic, which components of the local production companies do what is being done, we do not know who is following it.
Our request is; Please fill in this when you put these substances, these companies get binding explanations. We will be pleased to participate in these studies as RAYDER and other Rail Systems Clusters. We also have some offset laws. Undersecretariat for the Ministry of Transportation should be the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries. Lazım Percent 51 locality UM should be supported by these regulations. We have more deficiencies. Not only by setting 51 rules and leaving the local manufacturer alone. There's a big cake in the middle. Foreign firms pursuing investments for very large projects in Turkey. Here Turkey's economy should benefit in the most efficient manner.
If we look at local manufacturers, what are their problems and wishes?
The biggest desire of domestic companies; the public sector to give them the necessary value and confidence. Establishing R&D and other government supports to produce components that comply with the standards. I think Turkish companies are capable of producing successful products for Rail Systems. There are also examples of this. Durmazlar It has produced a homologated domestic vehicle with international standards, won a tender with this vehicle and we will be able to see these vehicles in the coming days. As a member of our association, our companies have international standards and quality certificates and developed their products for many projects. For example, Sazcılar provides components for many vehicles from the Marmaray project to the Izban project. Therefore, especially public that the buyers of these projects, our companies should support our local companies and foreign companies for the use of these components in the auctions held in Turkey should not necessarily direct. In order to work with local companies, the public needs to be more careful, reach the companies and have an encouraging structure. Of course, when we say this, even though it is substandard, we do not say that domestic company should be preferred. The rail systems standard has the highest standards after aviation. It's a serious business. You carry hundreds of thousands of people every day. Therefore, security standards are very important. Today we can change our cars 3-4 once a year, but the rail system uses a vehicle 40-50 yearly. So the standards are very high. It is a serious investment that domestic companies draw their standards to these points. At least with the purchase guarantee, we can force companies to take these standards with a preliminary agreement.
What is on the agenda of RAYDER?
We have a joint company called Raytest, which is a partner of RAYDER, Railways and Rail Freight Association, and this company will conduct 11UY0035-4 Personnel Certification within the scope of National Competence.
As RAYDER, we provide support for the necessary laws and incentives we have mentioned above. We conduct studies on universities.

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