Lazou: Turkish mechanic is responsible for the delay of the train to Thessaloniki!

Lazo: On the delay of Thessaloniki train Turkish engineer in charge! Greece Railways OSE unionists, particularly Turkey's Health Minister Mehmet including Muezzinoglu Turkish officials made statements about the delay experienced in the train on their way to take Thessaloniki.
Milliyet newspaper içeri scandal on the train of Thessaloniki da in the title of the article denied the content of OSE Northern Greece Machinistlerin President Nikos Lazou yalan Parousiazo ıyla said in his statements on the website how the events developed from their own aspects.
News of Turkey's Milliyet newspaper "train from Thessaloniki to delayed arrival of the Greek authorities to be responsible," he said.
Nikos Lazou, without delay, delayed by more than two hours to the Pithio border station responsible for the Turkish mechanics, holding "120 personality of the Turkish delegation did not come as a delay, without any delay to arrive in Thessaloniki," he said.
Train, headed by Turkey's Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu 120 Turkish diplomats, MPs and journalists delegation consisting of 10 November ceremony would take the occasion to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's house.
In the first phase, it was envisaged that the delegation would go to Pithio border station and from there to Thessaloniki by Greek train. Nikos Lazou, head of OSE Northern Greece, is rented from OSE and said that the timetable for the train to Pithio - Thessaloniki was not true. Sad We had planned to move from Pithio to 00: 00 hours before 7 hours to Thessaloniki. and visitors can also attend the ceremony starting at 09: 00. var
According to Turkish train Lazou Greece - Turkey border to watch 21: 50 23 hours instead of two hours delay: In the 50 reached.
"This delay has turned the whole program upside down, and some diplomats have not allowed passport control," said Lazou in the statement.
Turkey's Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu and a fraction of those who accompanied him descending from the train in order to have time to Thessaloniki Pithio they continued on their way by car. The remaining controls are made due to the delay of three hours of travel documents Greece - they can move to Thessaloniki from Turkey border.
10 in November, Ataturk commemorated the delegation to commemorate the ceremony in Thessaloniki Lazou also 09: 05'da ceremony missed the ceremony about the Turkish delegation UM morning 09: 00 waters to stop the train from the engineer on the train in the Platia region of Drama stopped, Turkish passengers came out of the wagons and worshiped (Ataturk) for the '' he said.

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