KTO President Everest: Fast train will pass through Kayseri

KTO President Hicyilmaz: High speed train will pass through Kayseri: Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) President Mahmut Hicilmaz announced that the high speed train will pass through Kayseri. Noting that he had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, during his business trip he participated, he said, “We conveyed to the Minister that the high-speed train would pass to Sivas without stopping by Kayseri. The Minister stated that this opinion was not correct and the high-speed train would definitely stop by Kayseri in the projects carried out. he spoke.
Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz, TOBB, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) and Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), organized by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan chaired and conducted with the participation of some ministers, Finland, Sweden and Poland evaluated the business trip. They discussed relations with the EU by the Prime Minister and Mr. Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, in the destination country, both in terms of both economic relations in particular visa applications in terms Hiçyılmaz stated that expressed Turkey's discomfort in the future of the European Union against Turkey underlined that this should give up his unfair attitude.
KTO President Mr. Âmilmaz, Minister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis in this meeting, the ambassadors to visit KTO'ya ambassadors to Kayseri for the first time K We could not envision to see such a modern and developed city in the east of Ankara, Baş they say, and therefore especially He stated that they would like to invite ambassadors of EU countries to Kayseri.
Hiçyılmaz, "Minister in our meeting with Egemen Bagis, CTO as it is conducting in Turkey by the EU and 22 that the adoption of the coordination of the EU promotion programs carried out in the province and in this context, the EU Ambassador John Maurice Ripert, with the interviews we conducted in Ankara that a while ago, this proposal We expressed that we also sent him to him and received a positive response. " said. He also stated that Mr. Egemen Bağış shared his opinion on the need for different activities to promote Kayseri and Anatolia better, especially to EU ambassadors, and that Mr. Minister invited him to Ankara to discuss these issues.
Hicyılmaz said, “In the meeting he had with Mr. Binali Yıldırım, we demanded that Kayseri-Mersin railway transportation is expensive, which affects our exporters negatively and that the prices are reduced. Minister Yıldırım, on the other hand, stated that the transportation will be carried out by private companies in the upcoming process, regulations have been prepared for this and that the prices will decrease after these studies are completed. " He spoke in the form.
He also stated in his meeting with Mr. Binali Yıldırım that the SRC exams were not held in Kayseri, and that people had to go outside Kayseri to get this document, and that these exams should be held in Kayseri as a solution to this situation. . Hicyilmaz said, "Minister Yildirim responded positively to this request and stated that he would immediately start the necessary work for these exams to be held in Kayseri." said.
KTO President Mr. Hiçyilmaz explained that the miners talked with the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Taner Yildiz about the problems experienced by the miners and that the Minister stated that this issue was in the Prime Ministry and that this problem would be solved by the regulations being prepared.

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