Kocamaz Mersini Tells Projects That Will Raise

Kocamaz Tells The Projects That Will Resist Mersin: The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Burhanettin Kocamaz stated that Mersin has set out to prevent and suffer more losses in competent hands. Let's walk together on this difficult road for today and the future. ”
MHP Metropolitan Mayor Candidate and Tarsus Mayor Kocamaz announced their projects to be realized in the 2014 local elections to Mersin public with a broad participation meeting. In the meeting held at HiltonSA Hotel, Kocamaz, who welcomed his guests at the entrance of the hall, was accompanied by his wife Hatice Kocamaz. A surprise name was also attended to the meeting, where the hall was completely filled and many people were standing. The central district of Tauruslar Mayor Hamit Tuna, who was the Candidate Candidate of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality for the 2014 elections, did not leave Kocamaz alone. Tuna's entrance to the meeting and Kocamaz-Tuna greeting received great applause from the hall.
At the meeting, Kocamaz went to the rostrum after a slide called 'These images do not suit Mersin' and the cinevision shows where the projects were introduced. Indicating that he is excited, Kocamaz said that he sees the period we are in as more working and taking more responsibility. “The day is the day of responsibility. It is time for the experienced and the accumulated to put their hands under the stone. ”Kocamaz emphasized that he felt responsible for this issue. Tarsus, Turkey's finger shown in today's eminent underlined that the settlement does not become one of the places her husband, "This is 20 years of our beliefs is lovingly selected and nonstop and the clear head is the result of our unremitting efforts. We are here now to spread the fair service, change, transformation, development and progress we provide in Tarsus to all of Mersin. ”
Expressing that he knows the future concerns of the public very well, Kocamaz stated that Mersin has great potentials left idle in history, culture, social sharing and economy, and that it is possible to convert them into ore in 5 years with a scientific basis. "We set out not to suffer more losses in the hands that are not competent in Mersin," said Kocamaz. We are ready with our great experience in management. Our greatest reason and proof is our experience. In the local elections of 2014, for a human-oriented, healthy environment and an unobstructed social life, for a transparent, participatory, democratic, auditable management, managing Mersin all together, achieving, standing up, and a civilized, more social, more livable Mersin for generations after us. We set out to quit. Come together, walk together, fight together, succeed together on this difficult road for today and for future generations. ”
Expressing that Mersin aspires to design the future together, Kocamaz later explained his projects. Kocamaz suggested that Mersin is quite inadequate to offer a healthy, safe, high quality and modern urban life as a result of the urban practice that is not well-managed and promised Mersin people to realize all their 5-year plans. Kocamaz, who explained many projects from private projects to urban design projects, from transportation to infrastructure, from city economy to social projects, stated that they will carry out renovation and rehabilitation works within the scope of 'Renovating the Historic City Center Project'. Giving information that they will implement the Light Rail System to solve the transportation problem of the city, Kocamaz said that they will start the project design and construction of the Train Station-Mezitli line in the first place. With the 'Port and Logistics Area Arrangement Project', Kocamaz stated that they will make the transportation and intersection arrangements that include the integration of the state, port and city entrance, provide integration of railway and highway systems, strengthen the motorway connection and involve the side road application, by separating the city traffic from the truck-truck traffic. He said they would relax. Promising that they will build a special Metropolitan service building for each district center, Kocamaz also noted that they will build a gym, swimming pool, indoor market, cultural center and library in each district.
Claiming that there is no other city outside of Mersin but that does not benefit from the sea, Kocamaz said that they will realize the Mersin Sea Bus (MEDO) project between Mersin and Anamur in the first place, and Mersin Center and Anamur, Antalya, İskenderun, Şanlıurfa, with Mersin Sea Plane (MEDU). He said that they would buy and operate sea planes to make regular flights between Adıyaman and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Noting that they will turn the existing Metropolitan Municipality Service Building into a city museum, Kocamaz stated that they will build a campus where Mşehir will be located instead of the animal market at the entrance of Mersin. Kocamaz, which also counts the projects they have prepared for the disabled, the elderly, children, youth and women, Mersin Kart to be used in public transportation, crossroads and overpasses, pedestrianization projects, bicycle roads, public transportation, Social Market and Mersin Social Card application for those in need, guesthouses and sports for women and the elderly added that they will present many projects to the residents of Mersin in the field of environment and urban economy.


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