This is a shame on the fair enough!

This is a shame on the fair enough! Gebze to be the last stop of the High Speed ​​Train which will work between Istanbul and Ankara for years. Halkalı The fact that Marmaray was to work was always announced and kept on the agenda. But what happened was the Duchy of Istanbul dominated. He was pressured by the Ministry of Transport and by one time he was able to take the last stop of the Fast Train Station to Pendik. The last stop is not Gebze. All areas made to Gebze as the last stop were expropriated. Maybe in the near future. Fast train will never stop in Gebze or we will take the fast train from İzmit or Pendik.
The fact that the high-speed train went to Pendik revealed a very grave situation. Marmaray is now Pendik Halkalı work between. I was dreaming for Marmaray Gebze. 10 will take care of thousands of people in the same way as before. While Istanbul Municipality was washing Gebze's entire burden on Gebze, it did not bring Gebze to Gebze. What a fast tram, what public transport, the sea bus or the metro deniz always excluded from Gebze, was ignored.
Yes, Istanbul dükalığı Gebze saw the dump. He saw the backyard. The Izmit Lobby also ignored Gebze, benefiting from Gebze's political and economic rent. Now, both the İzmit lobby and the politicians, NGOs, lawmakers, mayors and all the authorities who are insensitive to Gebze should act against this injustice against Gebze. The attitude and the reactions should reveal. If they can not put Gebze and Kocaeli this shame is enough and increases. We had a wide range of issues yesterday. Now I am leaving you with this news and comments from the citizens.
The Izmit lobby slid into vicious strife and struggled with Gebze, and the Ministry of Transport shifted from YZZ to Gebze to Pendik. Gebze-Halkalı Marmaray flights are also in the same way as Pendik-Halkalı Trying to be.
High Speed ​​Train, which was previously announced to be Gebze, was shifted to Pendik quietly. The last stop of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train, which is one of the most important footsteps of state investments, was publicized to Gebze from the first years of the project. However, the Ministry of Transport issued a silent amendment and announced that Pendir was the last stop of YHT. In this way, citizens who ride from YHT to Ankara will be directed to Haydarpaşa in suburban lines after traveling to Pendik.
With the new study, Gebze station will be one of the only stops of YHT. Gebze's lack of ownership was once again unveiled, while the İzmit lobby struggled with vicious strife and Gebze, so we had to go to YHT. Gebze, who has 7 MP and 11 MP, has a Minister and has a Minister. Gebze back to the taxes paid to Kocaeli, this period wants the state from the right.
Another threat to Gebze is Marmaray. Üsküdar-Kazlıçeşme foot opened Marmaray Project, Gebze-Halkalı between With Gebze Halkalı 105 will reduce the time between the project only Pendik-Halkalı learned to do. While we learned that there are some efforts to remove Gebze from Marmaray, we call on the President of Science, Industry and Technology Nihat Ergün, Governor Ercan Topaca, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and all the officials. Gebze'ye against this injustice waiting for a historical task.
News from our readers came to our news comments. Some comments from our readers.
I collapsed, I was shocked. I always supported the AKP government. If this is true, I am out. Couldn't be impossible… What is our fault, what is our sin? To live in Gebze? Please consider this situation.
Selection is of Eve and the presidential candidates of added value in our region is experiencing inflation for the race will make stronger our economy will ensure the growth of our quality and Turkey's importance within stature us in the region that supply will increase a further layer of shifting the Pendik-speed train project and enough of it politicians of our current area The fact that the candidate candidates who do not intervene and say that everything is for our region does not react to this issue, in fact, we do not care that everyone is personal and tribune when the future of our region goes hand in hand, and in fact, no one cares that our region is the future of our children. Very painful. As I look at the case politically as a whole, my opinion will not change but I cannot say that I will vote very happily. moreover, it made changes to the distance between Izmir and Istanbul to be incredibly shortened to one of its most important pillars of our region's bridges and our region where there is movement in our region in a very significant number of days in employment in Turkey of the formation of industry, this activity for this more economical; While this change will be provided from both time and energy, it will cause transportation to Pendik and cause transportation problems. We learned that we can not be a difficult city, but we said or we advocated or we want to serve the service or we do not spare our children. After I learned about this news from the newspaper, I felt obliged to do something personal about this issue, and sent my message to the newspaper and relieved my conscience. I remind you that everyone who lives in our region will fulfill the obligation of responsibility with respect to our region and if they are not fulfilled today, it will be late.
It made me sad to have such a nuisance as a Gebzeli.
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This change made before the election will be reflected in the chest. It is not right to ignore a district that has a population of more than 1 millions in the daytime.

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