Kazmaz did not understand Koray Aydin for Trabzon logistics center

Kazmaz, Trabzon logistics center talking to Koray Aydin did not understand: MHP Trabzon deputy Koray Aydin, Trabzon, press conference at a press conference on the 2 years for the center of the democratic struggle for the fight will explain Rize MHP Provincial Chairman Cem Kazmaz was uncomfortable. Kazmaz said, destek We support Koray Aydın's logistics to İyidere. However, the right of Trabzon should be given da ignored his words.
MHP Trabzon Deputy Koray Aydin's press conference in Trabzon, I do not have any criticism of the logistics planned to be held in İyidere'e said, Rize Provincial Chairman Kazmaz, gas, gas, responded to
While it was the most natural duty of a Trabzon Deputy to defend Trabzon's law and Koray Aydın was fulfilling his duty, Nationalist Movement Party Rize Provincial Chair O. Cem Kazmaz said what he said: News about his opposition and press conferences in this direction are in the press. First of all, it should be known that the personal statements made consist of personal opinions and it is not possible for them to be made on behalf of our party or to be binding in terms of our party's policies. All statements on behalf of the Nationalist Movement Party were made by our Chairman, Dr. It is carried out by Devlet Bahçeli and our Deputy Chairmen and Parliament Group Deputy Chairmen appointed by him. The Nationalist Movement Party stands behind, not in front of, any investment or project to be made in Rize. Logistics Center and Railway Projects have our full support. Otherwise, all explanations are unrealistic. In addition, it is not possible for our Party to regionalize in projects and investments, to discriminate between provinces, or to choose a province. This is the principled stance of our Headquarters and ours. After all, we are the Wise Statesman, Dr. We are Turkish Nationalists who are engaged in politics under the leadership of Devlet Bahçeli and we embrace every point of our country with the same love and affection. On the other hand, the most suitable location for the Logistics Center in terms of physical conditions, engineering and cost is the iyidere-Of location. Because the most important factor in land transportation is distance. With the Ovit Tunnel to be opened and the new roads to be built, the shortest and most comfortable distance to reach the Logistics Center from Erzurum to the sea is the new route to be opened through Ovit Tunnels. In addition, it is undoubted that our province will reach the airport under the rule of the Nationalist Movement Party, which was spared from our deserving Rize and opened by naming separatist traitors elsewhere. "
Trabzon deputy Koray Aydin, even without understanding what he said, the answer to Aydın Kazmaz, the two cities about the union of Aydin as sincere is it? Koray Aydın said, “We are not against Logistic made for İyidere. Logistics is the right of Rize u, while Kazmaz, like Koray Aydın, is not against Logistics in Çumburnu. This is the right of Trabzon Bu can you say? As it is known, Koray Aydın mentioned about Logistics in İyidere: m We are not against investing in Rize as Trabzon, we always support. However, an investment in Trabzon is done here. The AKP is always doing this: Trabzon stops its investments first, then shifts it to another place. Moreover, there is no need to cancel Çamburnu for Rize İyidere to be built as Logistics Center. If the Prime Minister says that Trabzon Logistics Center does not appeal to Rize, he should put his hand in his conscience, let him think about the sources of this country and if he wants so Iyidere also have a logistics center. In other words, there is a quota about logistics center; AKP shifts its investment to Rize. Uz Logistics should be done in Trabzon, Rize should be done if necessary s we are defending it.

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