11 in Kayseri. Logistics and Supply Chain Congress held

The 11th Logistics and Supply Chain Congress was held in Kayseri: Speaking at the opening of the congress, Kayseri Governor Orhan Düzgün said, "It is meaningful and proud to organize such a congress in Kayseri, the center of trade in Anatolia." Governor Düzgün said, “We can see a flower grown in Brazil at a restaurant in Russia on the same day. This happens thanks to logistics. In the world that is globalized and now described as a small village, we can find anything, everywhere, at any moment. Firms that provide logistics and procurement services give this to us. The development of technology has also led to the development of Logistics services. ”
Governor Düzgün stated that holding the congress in Kayseri also has a different meaning. For centuries, people have been engaged in commerce in this land, using the top trade routes according to their period. Now Kayseri is known as a commercial city. Therefore, it is very meaningful to hold such a congress in Kayseri. We are very pleased to welcome you in Kayseri. ”
Boydak Holding Senior Manager Memduh Boydak, despite being a company that has been operating in the furniture sector for more than 50 years, stated that they could not take their products beyond Kırşehir for years, ”We did not pass Kırşehir until 1990. But we solved the logistical problems over the years and not only to Turkey, we started opening to the world. In short, we built logistics centers, which we couldn't do in 40 years, in 4 years. Logistics is really important. According to a study, 1 cents of every $ 25 product manufactured and manufactured go to logistics services. ”
Congress, the Governor of Kayseri Orhan Düzgün, Congress President and Meliksah University Head of Business Department Asst. Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Caner Cebeci, Melikşah University Board of Trustees Memduh Boydak, Rector of Melikşah University Dr. Prof. Mahmut Dursun Mat, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Melikşah University Dr. Mahmut Özdevecioğlu, President of LODER Gülçin Büyüközkan, Gent University Lecturer. Members of the Council. Professor Witlox Frank, President of iGrafx Armin Trautner, Barsan Global Logistics and DHL Turkey Çaptuğ Officer Chairman Cengiz Kerem Behcet students joined with faith.



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