Black Sea Logistics is poured into project

Black Sea Logistics project is poured: PRIME MINISTER Mr. Tayyip Erdogan's' Logistics is done here ın on the instructions of the In-Iyidere logistics center was completed with the name of the AK Black Sea Logistics üyor was given. 1 395 thousand million and will be built on Turkey's Black Sea mxnumx area which will become the largest logistics center identity for the year is expected to cost $ 2 2013 billion with the logistics infrastructure. Logistic, not Iranian, as it is claimed, is considered to be the new trade method of the era, which is expected to come to life with Central Asia and Caucasus and Russia.
Port and Airport with Logistics
The Black Sea Logistics Center, which will be the biggest investment of the EAST Black Sea Region, will respond to the logistics center of Derepazarı for the infrastructure of the Black Sea and will be the largest sea port in the region. Again, Rize will be the international airport where the cargo planes will get up and down within the framework of the logistics infrastructure. Gunebakis Newspaper Iyidere advocates the start of the construction of logistics as soon as possible and the implementation of Çamburnu, which is ready for the entire infrastructure within the framework of this construction period.
Defending İyidere with Çamburnu
While the Günebakış Newspaper has been supporting İyidere logistics since the beginning, while defending the implementation of Çamburnu or criticizing the cancellation of Çamburnu, Rize observed different perceptions in the public opinion. Our newspaper, which cannot explain the idea it advocated, has expressed itself with the motto id Logistic Hasbihali with Rize or telling ourselves to Rize ye and ayan defending Çamburnu is not against Iyidere et.
Logistic Hasbihali with Rize or Tell Ourself to Rize
We have been making news and comments about the Logistics Center for some time. As the Günebakış Newspaper, we are announcing that the Trabzon-Çamburnu Logistics Project, which has been attempting to establish in Trabzon for a year and a half, is a great injustice to Trabzon. While making these publications, we are never opposed to the 'Black Sea Logistics Center' which is planned to be established in Of-Iyidere Valley and we do not oppose this investment. On the contrary, 'Iyidere Logistics, for Rize mother's milk is as halal as the mother says, and we give our statements many times. Sadly, we want to express that in spite of such a broadcasting policy, we learn that we are targeted in the negative sense of the ım conscience and vision gen of our region. So we can't tell you what we want. We need to re-emphasize by pointing to it; It is not the Logistics Center alone. Like every logistics center, Iyidere Logistics will also consist of 2.
Iyidere Logistics Center (Karadeniz Logistics) 1 is a big project that will find a billion dollars. Even if this project comes to life, it is a plus for Trabzon.
a) Sea port to the Derepazarı, which will form the first leg of a logistics covering an area of ​​1 million 400 thousand square meters na Maybe 300 is a billion dollars.
b) Airport available to transport international cargo to Rize taş Maybe 400 is a billion dollars.
c) Ovit to be completed
d) Perhaps the 300 is a $ 1 billion investment for the Logistics Center. That is to say, Iyidere Logistics is not only a project of expropriations and fills. Which Black Sea can this project oppose? What conscience, "Rize'den 1 billion-dollar investment," he can say? Where is Rize? Rizeli is not the person of this country in this region? In order to oppose this and to have the intention of blocking it, a person should not be afraid of God in his heart. We fear Allah. Rize should be given the right to the region.
It's really weird that we can't tell ourselves and our publications. We İyidere'den Turkey's largest logistics centers working on establishing one and a half years 2 Çamburnu we want the implementation. Çamburnu is never an alternative to Iyidere. Iyidere Logistics area is 1 million 400 thousand square meters. Çamburnu 600 thousand square meters N Iyidere Logistics investment for 1 billion dollars and minimum 3-4 years will be required. Çamburnu is ready. The state will issue only one Council of Ministers that will not invest in a single penny. Investors ready. They're clear. Dagestan in Russia, Georgia also signed state officials contract for transfer stations. Is the demand for Çamburnu to come to life when it is done in İyidere, against İyidere Lojistik?
The person of Rize said, ları What is the concern of the friends of the prophet of Allah? Is it ridiculous and bad intention like beslen Çamburnu 3 comes to life years ago and doesn't work and İyidere is abandoned “? We don't believe that. We think that no political party and NGO in Trabzon would oppose to Iyidere Lojistik and say gibi no Trabzon and that Rize will not oppose Camburnu. We repeat that the two areas are not alternatives to each other. On the contrary, Çamburnu is a stepping stone for İyidere. It will prepare all the infrastructure in advance, and trade itself will set its own rule. A field of acres of 600 is of course not a complete logistics. Iyidere is a great shortcomer. Why don't we look like this? Why do we judge intentions?
Whoever he looks at. Whoever does what he does. We, as well as Çamburnu Logistics, are in favor of the İyidere Logistics Center. It has already been decided for iyidere. He doesn't need support. Our goal is to bring Çamburnu Logistics to life. Distorting this perception is malicious. It is to confront two cities. Allah knows that we are walking with a clean and well-intentioned conscience. We do not want to request logistics center in Çamburnu and we do not want logistics in İyidere.

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