The last corner of the İzmir Gürçeşme-Yeşildere estimate

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has added another significant transportation investment to its efforts to ease the urban traffic, on the Gürçeşme-Yeşildere shortcut. The construction of Gürçeşme Highway Overpass, which will provide a connection between Gürçeşme and Yeşildere streets, over the İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN), has been completed by 80 percent. The overpass that will connect the two points in this region without being cut will relieve the traffic of Gürçeşme, Yenişehir and Buca. The vehicle bridge, whose bridge piers have been completed and wall construction for bridge connections is ongoing, is planned to be put into service before New Year's Eve.
The new vehicle overpass, which is the first and only point that will connect the two important routes for the city's traffic, Gürçeşme and Yeşildere streets, will cross the İZBAN line with a four-legged bridge. In this context, 700 square meters and 50 meters long bridge is being built and 300 meters long road will be organized. With the new highway bridge, which is critical for the region's traffic, it comes from Buca to Konak, Bornova, Karşıyaka, Alsancak or Çankaya direction of the cars that want to go, Yenişehir Gaziler Caddesi descending directly on the way you can go through the route Yesildere. Again, those who want to go to Buca from the north axis and Konak, will be able to provide transportation easily by using the new vehicle passage.
This investment was made by the Metropolitan Municipality in Gürçeşme Street in the region of 2,5 million pounds expropriation. The total cost of 3 million 250 thousand pounds, including landscaping and paving, will reach 5 million 750 thousand pounds.

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