Radiation scrap in the heart of Izmir

Radiation scrap in the heart of Izmir: A high rate of radiation was emitted from the scraps sent by TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate to the Institute of Mechanical Chemistry (MKE). MKE sent the radiated scraps back to TCDD. The scraps are currently waiting in an open area in the heart of Izmir, close to Alsancak Station.
According to the news of Evrensel newspaper Emine Uyar, scrap and waste materials coming from many districts, especially İzmir, Manisa, Aydın, Balıkesir and Denizli, which are under the responsibility of TCDD 3rd Regional Directorate, are collected from Alsancak, where the contracted institution MKE on Tuesday evening received by. The materials purchased include iron pieces from TCDD's workplaces, train-locomotive-wagon parts, and discarded inventory materials.
The contracted institution MKE took the materials collected in the area between Alsancak Railway Station and Halkapınar Transfer Station and took the materials it bought to the disposal site in Aliağa. 27 thousand kilograms, which were found to have much radiation above normal, were poured into the land of TCDD in Alsancak.
BTS Izmir Branch President Bülent Çuhadar said that TCDD had no equipment to detect the radiation in these materials, and said that the radiation detecting authority should make an attempt to isolate the material. Hiç It is irresponsible to bring the material as it is and pour it here, and it is to ignore human life, “he said.
TCDD has lodgings around the area where the material is dumped. Only the strip was drawn around the scraps. Radiation scrap is in the open, and it is in a place where scrap collectors can easily reach.

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