Izmir Metropolitan case was postponed again

📩 29/11/2018 17:13

The Izmir Metropolitan case was postponed again: 129 defendant cases, in which Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu was tried for alleged gang leader, continued.
Kocaoğlu, who was not in Izmir due to the EXPO 8 vote, did not attend the hearing at the Izmir 2020th High Criminal Court. The court adjourned the hearing to 25 February 2014 due to the absence of an expert report to be prepared by Marmara University (MÜ) regarding the İZBAN promotional film tender.
Some arrested defendants and their lawyers attended the seventh hearing. The President of the Court, Cahit Kargılı, said that with the tender of the İZBAN promotional film, three delegations from the MU Faculty of Communication and two experts from the Advertisers' Association were formed, and on January 8, 2014 in Istanbul, the expert report was given on the day, and the result of the report would be sent to Izmir. Kargılı then listened to the demands. The lawyer of the Selçuk Prosecutor requested the defendants to receive a new report from the expert delegation consisting of retired Court of Auditors inspectors regarding the Çankaya Storey Car Park tender. Prosecutor Sedat Özen asked for the result of the investigation at the Civil Servants Officer regarding 750 station tender, and to ask for the decision of the administration if it was concluded. President of the Court, Kargılı decided to wait for the İZBAN promotional film report and postpone the case until 25 February 2014. If the report came before the hearing, it was decided to be notified to the parties through the National Judicial Network Project (UYAP). The demands of the prosecutors and the accused were rejected.

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