İZBAN is the most beautiful example project of power and metropolitan

İZBAN is the best example project realized by the government and the Metropolitan: CHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Ali Engin evaluated the criticisms of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his speeches in İzmir and Kuşadası district of Aydın with a written statement. "We made İZBAN." Engin reacted to his words, “To start with İZBAN, if İZBAN had been left to the current government, maybe it would not have been finished even today. It is ridiculous that a prime minister who talks about İZBAN does not know that our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality carried out almost 70 percent of the most difficult and delicate work of this project by its own means. In our opinion, İZBAN is one of the best examples of cooperation between the government and our Metropolitan Municipality. Moreover, this project was not half finished and was completed on time. He is now working on how to extend it further with new projects. Mr. Prime Minister and staffs from Izmir so unaware and our city so uninterested that not only Turkey, to take place and the construction of the new exhibition space of the largest convention centers in Europe are unaware of the already started projects. Moreover, it is a tragicomic situation that the Prime Minister and the ministers do not know about the congress centers to be built in the new fair area, and even the deaf sultan in Izmir has heard that new centers will be built in the old fairground. " said.
Stating that a second issue is drinking water, CHP Provincial Chair Engin said, “Mr. Prime Minister said that water was brought to İzmir by DSİ. DSI will of course bring the water coming from Gördes to the Izmir border. Isn't DSI the institution that will do the state's water works? But there is no where that water comes from. After arriving, our Metropolitan Municipality and IZSU will of course construct the transmission lines and water channels in Izmir. We cannot understand what a conceivable criticism has been made over an unruly water and an unexpected investment. We have a recommendation to the Prime Minister, if he knows the water issue so well, he should investigate whether there is a water shortage in Izmir. There is no water shortage in İzmir. AKP supporters should understand that they will not be able to deceive the people of İzmir by writing victim literature through what happened to them during their own mayoralty period. " He spoke in the form.

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