The mouth of the pouch is opened for urban transportation in Istanbul

For the urban transportation of Istanbul, the pouch was opened: Mayor Topbaş emphasized that they opened the mouth for the new green areas and metro investments, and he announced that they will establish a Science-Technology and Innovation Center in Haliç Shipyard with a new park of 700 thousand square meters in Cendere.
Topbas gave striking figures in the field of environmental studies, the basin of land expropriation 23 Million square meters and reached the environment for the purpose of this study to spend around 1 Billion dollars announced.
Including the company's turnover, IMB's consolidated budget is determined as 25 Billion 730 Million TL. Topbas said, X We will make the biggest investment in the environment and transportation. We will equip the city with new green areas and parks. Yeni
We are very close to Topbaş hedef Metrokent target, which explains the transportation investments in detail, we are the solution. 400 thousand people using the rail system when we assume the 2 million by the end of this year will be reached. This number will be 2016 million in 7 and 2019 will be in 11 million. Bu
Stating that the people of Istanbul have followed the metro works very closely, v Our citizens in Sultanbeyli and Bahçeşehir insistly demand the metro, we will give this gospel to the construction, we will add the 6.5 kilometer metro line from Sancaktepe to Sultanbeyli. We will also complete the study on the access of the rail system to Bahçeşehir by meeting with the Ministry of Transport. Our 2019 400 mileage system until the completion of the 400 mileage system so that we would be over the XNUMX mileage, we declared that we're going on.
Indicating that the service of the Metrobus system above the capacity Topbas, “Yes we accept, now the metrobus has to turn into a metro. Metrobus will remain, will continue to serve, but the same route will set up the metro system, kal he said.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality invested a total of 2014 billion pounds in 8.5 (formerly 8.5 quadrillion). while total 3.6 billion pounds.
In his budget speech, Topbaş also mentioned Istanbul's vision projects and said, mel The developments in Istanbul are not stopping, Kanal Istanbul, two cities on two sides, 3. airport, 3. Bridge, Eurasian Tube Crossing, City Hospitals, Democracy and Freedom Island, Halic Metro Bridge and Marmaray don't stop counting, Istanbul is on the way to becoming the center of the world. Köprü
In his speech, Topbaş also gave information about tourism investments. 2004 million tourists in 3.5 reminding that Topbas, 2013 in the year of Istanbul's 10 million in the number of tourists drew attention. Indicating that they turn Istanbul into a congress center of the World Topbas, 2004 514 hotel in Istanbul, the number of those who continue to build this number will reach 1260, he said.

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