The gospel of metrobus from the Governor of Istanbul

Metrobus good news from Istanbul Governor: Famous golfer Tiger Woods will make a historic hit on the Bosphorus Bridge today. Police have announced that the bridge will be closed for 5 hours due to this strike. Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, on the other hand, announced that he will remain off for 1 hour on Twitter and that metrobus services will not be interrupted.
Turkey Golf Federation will participate in the international tournament to be held in Belek by the world's most renowned golfer Tiger Woods will make a historic shot towards the European side from the Asian side of the Bosphorus Bridge today. However, this shot will be paralyzed by the ç golf legend İstanbul. Due to this show of Woods, the bridge and some roads will be closed to traffic between 11.00 and 16.00 at two o'clock, even the metrobus will not work. For the shot of the famous golfer will broadcast live television channels from many countries of the world said, the event was not the subject of criticism on Sunday. Police officials said that this week's traffic will become inextricable during this activity and warned citizens to use alternative roads.
It has been learned that due to an international event to be held on the Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge today (Tuesday, November 5), the traffic will remain closed for a maximum of 5 hour, not 1 hours.
Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu made a statement on his Twitter account after the allegations that traffic would remain closed for 5 hours for an event where famous golfer Tiger Woods will take place on the Bosphorus Bridge.
Stating that the bridge traffic will be closed in one way only between 5 - 14.00 today (Tuesday, November 15.00), Governor Mutlu underlined that there will be no restrictions on metrobus services.
Here are the tweets of Istanbul Governor Hüseyin Avni Mutlu on the subject:
“Due to the demonstration to be held on the Bosphorus Bridge today, the transit from Asia to Europe will be closed one-way for a maximum of 14 hour between 15.00-1. Due to the international activity, there will be no restrictions on transition to Asia and metrobus services in both directions in a maximum 1 hour closure.
Roads to be closed on the Anatolian side
- Coming from Kısıklı Street to D-100 north joining, n Coming from Kısıklı Street, D-100 south joining, n Kuşbakışı Street, Petrol İş, D-100 south joining, n Mahir İz Cadde D-100 south joining, n Over Altunizade Bridge D-100 south north participation, n Tophanelioğlu Caddesi Gold Computer front D-100 south-north participation, n Beylerbeyi turnout.
Alternative routes
- Arrivals from E-5 will be directed to participation in FSM, n Coming from Mahir Iz Street, following the Tuzcuoğlu Köprü E-6 road, followed by Tuzcuoğlu Köprü E-100, n Arrival from Fenerbahçe D-6 from the south Tuzcuoğlu Köprü E-100 ' D-5 North participation will be directed towards the Harem direction. Also; n Coming from Göztepe and participating in the TEM junction (coming from Göztepe and the TEM E-1 North Crossing), n Coming from Çamlıca toll booths, the direction of the Bosphorus Bridge will be closed to traffic, the 2st bridge will be used, all drivers will be directed to the XNUMXnd bridge direction from the said closure points.
Roads to be closed on the European side
- Zincirlikuyu D-100 north participation,
- Metrobus stops (Beşiktaş direction),
- Sait Çiftçi bridge accession from Barbaros Boulevard (E-5 south participation) south Beşiktaş-Levent separation, n FSM turnstiles coming from the 1st ring road separation from the south and joining north will be closed to vehicle traffic, and all drivers who will use the 1st bridge will be mentioned as an alternative. It will be directed to the 2nd bridge direction from the closing points.
U2 DE walked ...
Irish rock band U2, who came to Istanbul for CONCERT, also crossed the Bosphorus Bridge on 5 September 2010. During the march, traffic was paralyzed while the only lane of the bridge was closed to traffic.

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