Istanbul metro leaks water

Istanbul metro leaking water: Kartal-Kadıköy ru seen in passenger tunnels at some stops of the subwaytubet stains disturb the citizens.
According to the news in Vatan, the 17-kilometer-long station consisting of 3 stations, which cost 2012 billion lira on 16 August Kadıköy-The images reflected on the objects at the Kozyatağı stop of the Kartal Metro make the Istanbulites uneasy. It is not to be observed that the cements are not covered with plaster and marble in a part of the walking tunnel used by the passengers. Those who use the subway,tubet says they are uncomfortable with the stains.
Built as the largest metro line in the history of the Republic and completed in 7 years Kadıköy-Kartal metro, 40 meters below the ground, provides great convenience to residents of megacity. Kadıköy The metro line, which starts from the dock, has metrobus at Ünalan station and Marmaray transfer at Ayrlıkçeşme. Especially on the walls of the passenger tunnels in KozyatağıtubeThe traces caused by t are clearly seen. Experts say that leaked water and rutubet problem is caused by the wrong isolation, stresses that the problem should be solved.

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