Kayseri Büyükşehir is renewing roads in rail system route

The roads of Kayseri Metropolitan rail system are being renewed: The roads on the Metropolitan Municipality, Beyazşehir-Ildem and University-Talas rail system route are being renewed. While the 30 km of the road, which has a total of 25 km in two directions, is completed, the remaining part is planned to be completed by the end of the month.
Road laying works have been completed and signaling and electrification works are going on in Beyazşehir-İldem rail system line while road renewal works are carried out in order to relieve vehicle traffic.
Following the completion of electricity, water, sewerage, telephone and natural gas infrastructures, road construction materials were laid and stonmastic asphalted roads and vehicle traffic became faster and safer.
Total 25 thousand tons of asphalt was used for road construction work on 110 km on both routes.

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