İBB Presidential Candidate Gürsel Tekin: I will pay all districts by metro network in five years

İBB Presidential candidate Gürsel Tekin: In five years, I will weave all the districts with the metro network. CHP Deputy Chairman Gürsel Tekin, Kadıköyannounced the candidacy candidate for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with a rally in.
Tekin said, “I entrust myself to you. I want to authorize you to manage Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Siz
Gürsel Tekin announced that he would be a candidate for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality during his badge placement ceremony held in Tuzla on 8 October. Yesterday Kadıköy He made his words official at the ceremony in the Square. He asked for support from Istanbulites. He started his speech by wishing success to all candidate candidates in the CHP. Tekin said, “Let's teach unity and solidarity lessons from Istanbul to those who are waiting for us to fight, to separate and divide. I hope that all the decisions of our party chairman, if our president is the first choice, if it is the preliminary election, if it is public opinion polling, we are all. ” he spoke. He then listed his promises. He emphasized the urban transformation. He put forward the thesis of 'on-site transformation' instead of such projects. “As the CHP, we will launch a big move to build eight-magnitude earthquake-proof houses.” claimed. Noting that the city without a metro can not be called a metro, Tekin said, “Our people will use the tram and monorail system for a short time to reach the metro lines in Istanbul, which we manage. In five years, I will weave all the districts with the metro network. ” said. Among the promises of Tekin was to complete the shortcomings of the Marmaray project. He said that Marmaray will be integrated with the metro.

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