High-speed train to Gürsu Station

High-speed train Gürsu Station Piles: A fast train, which was reacted to destroy agricultural areas and therefore frozen in the project, was found a place not to be discussed for Gürsu Station. Removed from the village of Igdir, the station will be connected to the point where the Environmental Road is connected at Kazıklı. Transportation will also be provided via the link bağlantı
Since the first day of the high-speed train project, the location of Gürsu Station has been the subject of discussion.
On the first project İlk
The station is planned to be built in the area where the greenhouses are located just below İğdir Village. The farmers in Gursulu stated that if the station was built there would be destruction of the plains and they even went on hunger strikes under the leadership of Gürsu Agricultural Chamber.
Upon this…
TCDD gave up the project, ie Gürsu Station, taking into account the politicians' promise to end the hunger strike.
This time Bu
Those who advocated the idea that lar a station is needed in the eastern part of the city ine took action. Even the signature was gathered in Gürsu, artisans' organizations and industrialists came together to talk about af the necessity of the station in Gürsu Hatta.
In that process O
President of Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture Kamil Dönmez announced that they were not against the station but rather against the station. He explained that the way to reach the station would divide the plain and bring about construction.
At this point, the clogged issue was overcome with a surprise solution. That solution, the short name Güsab Gürsu Organized Industrial Zone President Yunus Aydin's interviews appeared.
During his visit to Ankara last week in Ankara, with the TCDD, he also gave the following information:
Hızlı Everyone agrees that a high-speed train station is needed to Gürsu. However, there are concerns about the route to be opened for the station. We talked about the alternatives in Ankara. Ankara
Then he explained:
Aman It was agreed on the assessment of the connection road from the Pile-off of the Ring Road to the Samanlı Junction. “
Var So, there is a road from Pile to Samanli. Gürsu Station will also be made to the Pile of the Ring Road. Thus, there will be no need to make a new path and the connection way will be used. Böylece
He added:
I The new situation was processed by TCDD to the high-speed train project. The work for the station project will now begin. Şimdi
Then he said:
Ük As Gulsulu industrialists, we have seen the support of Mr. Sedat Yalçın, the AK Party Provincial Chairman, when he was looking for a formula for the solution. I thank him.

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