Why is the high speed train Malatyaya

Why the fast train does not come to Malatyaya: Republican People's Party Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba, "and 69 XNUMX will get votes in the mouth of the bureaucrats, you will be insufficient to solve the problem," he said.
Republican People's Party Malatya MP Veli Ağbaba made several visits to Hekimhan. Karaader the party administrators, Morphou, Sarıkız, Beykent and visiting Hacilar, shopkeepers listened to the problems of Hekimhan center Ağbaba, "They boast double roads in Turkey. The last road came to Malatya. Why isn't the high-speed train coming to Malatya? Because the voice of the ruling party deputies do not come. The ruling party is a parliamentary executive. It is not the crying position. You're gonna get 69 votes, and you'il look at the bureaucrats. You will be insufficient to solve problems Sorun.
Ağbaba and his entourage first visited the CHP Hekimhan District Organization and exchanged views with the parties gathered here. Mayor of Hekimhan Sait Özoğlu, Güzelyurt Mayor Ali Seydi Millioğlu and Hasançelebi Mayor Mehmet Serif Yildirim, who also made an evaluation at the meeting, Veli Ağbaba, AK Party's İsmet İnönü claimed to be against the values ​​of Atatürk and the Republic.
After the meeting held in the county organization in the neighborhood of Karadere, Ağbaba was greeted by a crowded community. Ashura served after the Karadere'nun Güzelyurt Beldesi'e Ağbaba, the citizens listened to the problems.

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