On Level Crossing Hit Train Station (Video)

Train Hit Truck at Level Crossing: 2 people died as a result of the passenger train crashing into a van at the level crossing in Tarsus district of Mersin. It is claimed that the accident was caused by the barrier not being closed due to a signaling error.
Residing in the village of Gerdan in Tarsus, Adem Kirik (60), with his friend Ertuğrul Gülter (50), got on his 01 AMD 11 plate car in the morning and moved to Yunusoğlu village where he kept a rental field.
Driver Adem Kirik, who saw that the automatic barrier system at the level crossing on the road to Yunusoğlu village was open, continued on his way. Meanwhile, the passenger train number 06.40, which made the Adana-Mersin flight and departed from Adana at 61703, took the vehicle under the level crossing. Adem Kirik and Ertuğrul Gülter, who were in the vehicle dragged under the train about 200 meters, died at the scene.
Accident due to the accident between Adana and Mersin approximately 2 intermittently stopped during the hour, the relatives of the victims of the event took a nervous breakdown.
Passengers on the passenger train were transferred to another train. The incident was claimed to be caused by the automatic barrier (signaling) system that has been broken down for about 4 days.



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