Haydarpaşa Fire Case

date today 28 kasim 2010 haydarpasa station
date today 28 kasim 2010 haydarpasa station

Haydarpasa Fire Case: Haydarpasa Train Station during the repair of the fire due to the '' cause of a fire in the taxi '' and 'general security to be endangered with the blame' 6 1 person, including TCDD engineers and workers to the case opened up with the request of imprisonment 6. hearing was seen.
At the hearing held at the Anatolian 8th Criminal Court of Peace, the defendants without arrest, Zafer Ateş, who was a renovation worker at the Haydarpaşa Train Station on the date of the fire, and Hüseyin Kaboğlu, the owner of the company conducting the isolation work, attended. TCDD, who was involved in the case, was represented by lawyer Süleyman Güldüren.


Sinan Balta, who worked as a heating installation master in Haydarpaşa Train Station and TCDD's lodgings, was heard as a witness at the hearing. Balta stated that he was called to Haydarpaşa Train Station on the grounds that there was a burst pipe around 10.00 am on the day of the incident and said, “When I got to the roof, I saw that there was a collapse from the outer bottom of the connection point of the heating pipe near the floor and water gushed from there. The floors were also in water. The kitchen tube stood over the broken pipe. "I thought that there might be a breakage due to the tube being placed on the pipe, and I went out to those who were there." When the judge asked the witness whether any work was done with fire in the area where the tube was, Balta said, "I have not seen any work with fire." Defendants Ateş and Kaboğlu stated that they put the tube after the pipe exploded in order to reduce the leakage in the water leakage pipe.


Court Judge Noah Hussein Kose, TCDD in the direction of the report due to the fire at the Haydarpasa Train Station until now due to the roof renovation expenses found 360 thousand pounds. On the date of the incident, the control engineer in charge of the renovation of the building was decided by the TCDD 1.


Following the fire that broke out in Haydarpaşa Train Station on November 28, 2010, workers named Zafer Ateş and Hüseyin Doğan, who insulated the roof, İhsan Kablogü and Hüseyin Kaboğlu, the owner of the company conducting the insulation work, for 'causing a fire by negligence', TCDD engineers Suavi Günay and engineer Ayşe On the other hand, a lawsuit was filed against Kaplan, demanding a prison sentence of 3 months to 1 year for "endangering general security by negligence".


3 years later, after the 8.Sulh Criminal Court's decision in April, the 4 personality experts' committee conducted a discovery study. In the expert report on the fire that occurred during the repair of the roof, the strongest reason of the fire was shown as 'excessive heating of flammable material' and 'quenched cigarette butt which the workers could have thrown into isolation materials'. The expert delegation stated in the report that the fire cannot be related to sabotage, electrical contact or tube explosion.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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