Haydarpaşa Train Station passengers do not move the trains did not move

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The trains of Haydarpaşa Train Station did not move. TRT Haber DD gave a news about Haydarpaşa Station in November issue. Prepared by Elif Akkus, photos Tamay Alper Gokdemir pulled by the latest issue of the Haydarpasa file magazine found.
It is not very possible to see people trying to catch up by running from the ferry or motor, departure sirens, ticket queues, people making their luggage from night to morning on their seats ...
It's like an abandoned place. There is no trace of those old hectic days. Quietly… The passengers don't come, their trains don't move…
Just at the entrance, some of the buffets on the left are closed, there are two kiosks left; the one who brews the last teas ... You don't know how many times those huge teapots have been filled and emptied a day over the years. closing. The next day is about to brew in a new silence… This silence is also very sad for those who have been kioskers in Haydarpaşa Train Station for years.

When you ask a little hesitant about what will happen, what will you do - the expression in the eyes affects the person rather than the answer you receive;
"We will go… We will get together… end of this month…"
So while you are reading these lines, that buffet has already left Haydarpaşa Station.
When you enter by climbing the stairs that everyone knows by the ferry pier, this time, a different sorrow fills you. The booths that used to have long queues are now empty ...
There are two toll booths sitting behind the window in the toll booths on the right and the left, in this GAR, which never has a passenger.
The eerie silence leaves its place to memories that remain in everybody's mind, even though they do not live by the trains' wagons. Who was the last to travel on this seat in the wagon of this train, where was he coming from, or where he was going. Was there sadness or hope?
While wandering around Haydarpaşa's retired wagons, questions, curious ones and the old chase each other.
When you pass the wagons and reach the rails, it is possible to see the maintenance workshop on the left. Gloves and wagon parts showing that there are still employees inside ...

In front of him, a few very old wagons have not been on a voyage for a long time… Even though they do not move anymore, they make you a long journey to the past; about to bring you memories from real life or scenes from an old movie you watched ...
Because Haydarpaşa GAR is a memory that will surely leave a mark in the life of the ancients, and it also means the unforgettable setting of Turkish movies.
Haydarpaşa Train Station tells about reunion, separation, migration, hope and despair. This station is much more than railway transportation for Turkish people… The decor where the characters of Turkish movies with wooden cases come to life is a place where those who do not know Istanbul have heard of it.
At the same time, it is the impressive name of both real life and cinema, that is, life that either hello with a joyful hug or goodbye with a sad look ...
It is the place where the love stories in the villages are left unfinished with the bride price, a hope is the first place where those who come to the city from the village to save that money meet the "husband Istanbul".
The 1965 film "Gurbet Birds", one of the first migration films in the history of Turkish cinema, begins at Haydarpaşa Train Station. The film tells about the struggle of a family who came to Istanbul from Kahramanmaraş to live a better life and social degeneration.
Now that classic sentence in the movies is repeated at Haydarpaşa Train Station, but this time in memories; "I will beat you, Istanbul ..."
When such a date was in question, many people who were worried that Haydarpaşa would collapse, also reacted. The allegations were that a hotel would be built instead of Haydarpaşa Train Station.
Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım responded to these debates, which had an important place on the agenda in 2012, with his remarkable statement: "No one can afford to eliminate such a work":
'' With the Marmaray project, the railway lines coming from Ankara, Sivas, Konya and Bursa did not end at Haydarpaşa, but together with Marmaray, they passed through Üsküdar and 60 meters below the Bosphorus to Yenikapı, Yedikule ' and will continue towards Ayrilikcesme. Haydarpaşa will be preserved as a train station and its surroundings will be turned into a living space. Nostalgic train services will continue to be operated from here. Nobody should give credit to rumors. Haydarpaşa is the monument that constitutes the beginning of the Istanbul-Hicaz railway from Istanbul-Baghdad, Haydarpaşa Train Station in the early 1900s. Nobody can afford to remove such a monument, which our history, our culture, our ancestors have entrusted to us; it has no right, no limit. ''
Talking about discussions, explanations and projects regarding the future of Haydarpaşa, Haydarpaşa GAR just stands there quietly…
If you are on your way, we recommend you to stop by ...
Maybe you can share a little bit of loneliness these days ...
Haydarpaşa GAR, which was started to be built in 1906, was completed in 1908 and entered service.
It was built as the starting station of the Istanbul - Baghdad Railway line.
In the last periods of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul-Damascus-Medina (Hijaz Railway) services were also started to be carried out in addition to the Baghdad Railway.
German masters and Italian stone masters worked together in the construction of the Haydarpaşa GAR project by Otto Ritter and Helmuth cuno.
During the 1 World War, the building was damaged in the ammunition in the warehouse.
It was repaired later. However, 1979 was damaged in an explosion as a result of a collision with a ship named Independenta.
1983 restoration is completed at the end of the year.
28 2010 4 fire on the roof and XNUMX. the floor became unusable.
Since the 2012 date of February 24 trains were suspended for months.


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