The historic desolation on the anniversary of Haydarpaşa Station

Historical desolation on the anniversary of Haydarpaşa Train Station fire: Today is the third anniversary of the fire that pushed Haydarpaşa Train Station to loneliness. The fire that broke out on 28 November 2010 was the turning point of the events that left the building alone. With the departure of the train services in June, the station fell silent ...
Today, 1908 is the starting station of the Istanbul-Baghdad Railway. It was the anniversary of the fire, which was commissioned by Abdulhamit to the German architects Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno. 28 on the roof of Haydarpaşa Train Station November The fire at 2010 was the beginning of the events that led the historic building to loneliness.
In the historical building, which was not replaced with a new roof, which became unusable after the fire, train sounds gradually began to fade. The symbol building of our history, the railway, which is the first station in Turkish cinema where people coming from the village to the city get off, is now doomed to loneliness.
No more 'door'
Human voices from Haydarpasa Railway Station have been reduced with the termination of trains nationwide due to the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project between Ankara and Istanbul. Due to railway works, especially the train services to Central and Eastern Anatolia were abolished at 1 February 2012. Eskişehir, Baskent, Sakarya, Cumhuriyet, Bosphorus, Anatolia, Ankara, Fatih, Meram, East, South / Kurtalan, Lake Van, Transacia, Bosphorus and Central Anatolia Blue trains, which have been serving for many years, have lost the feature of the gate opening to Anatolia. .
Started in June
Fully 3 years ago, after the fire last June, the train flights to the desolation of Haydarpaşa Railway Station, which adds sound, only photo enthusiasts and newly married bride-grooms are. The historic building, whose website was also shut down, began to live its real loneliness after 19 June. Within the scope of the same study, suburban trains carrying approximately 2013 thousand passengers in urban transportation were removed. After the last suburban train 200 was sent off at 19 in June, neither the conductor nor the train whistle was heard again at the historic station.
'All trades have left'
2 said that the silence of Haydarpaşa Railway Station, where thousands of people flocked to travel at the same time until the year before, began to do other works. The station had 1 restaurant, 8 buffet, 1 newsstand, 55 taxi stand, 3 bagels, a barber shop and a toilet in the total 250 trades in the building while performing the function. As a TCDD officer, the building where 250 was employed served thousands of people every day.
Nezih Thracian, the operator of the toilet in the ward, says he is upset that the building where he has been eating bread for 41 has been so quiet. Thracian said, “We have learned that YHT will not come to Haydarpasa. This is not only the end of us, but also the end of the historic building, the symbol of the railways. All trades have abandoned, ”he says.
'Silence is too bad'
The taxi drivers at the taxi stand state that there is a registered 55 car but no one is waiting at the station. Dur It's too bad that a historic building that has been burdening Istanbul for years remains so quiet, ileri says taxi station officials.
Architects Ayse Öztürk, "This is the face of modern Turkey. Even standing still requires him to stay at the station. ”
'The station lost its function when the human voice was cut off'
Mithat Ercan, Head of the United Transport Union's 1 Branch, said the historic building was destroyed because it would be transferred to the private sector. Ercan said, “It was not the roof fire that brought the end of Haydarpaşa Railway Station to stop the trains. Because when the voice of the people stopped at the station, it lost its function. Now it will be privatized and lose its historic mission. It was a hope for YHT to come, but it didn't. ”

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