Transfer Port Project from Genç to Samsuna

Transfer Port Project to Samsuna from Genç: Metropolitan Mayor Candidate and Canik Mayor Osman Genç said that they aim to bring Samsun to a logistics center and hub-Port by cooperating with the central government to make Samsun an international trade city.
Mayor Osman Genç met with tradesmen and citizens in the Foreigners Market. Young people faced with the interest of young people, listened to the problems of tradesmen. Foreigners Market tradesmen, who talked about the problems of ventilation, heating, cooling and transfer of stores, complained about the transportation distress between the center and the districts. President Young said that if elected, their priorities would be to solve the problem of transportation and unemployment.
Emphasizing that they also prepared the Strategic Conceptual Plan that will make Samsun an international city and carry it into the future, Genç said that they are determined to make the city a logistics center and eliminate unemployment. Expressing that they will work in harmony with the central government to carry Samsun to the future, Genç stated that the plans for a hub-port in Tekkeköy are ready in the Strategic Conceptual Plan and that they plan to establish this with the support of the government, so that logistics services He noted that it would develop around the airport. Genç pointed out that in this way, the city economy will develop and unemployment will end.
Expressing that all his plans are ready to make Samsun an international logistics center, Genç said, “As included in our Strategic Conceptual Plan, a main transfer port (Hub-Port) in Tekkeköy, which will meet the port needs of Samsun, is compatible with the industrial formation and transportation networks. essential for this city. "There are necessary conditions for establishing a logistics center between Tekkeköy and Çarşamba Airport to make Samsun an international trade city."
Pointing out that there are all conditions in Samsun for the establishment of the logistics center and transfer port, Genç said: “When we do these, Samsun will be a city with a strong economy as a world-class trade city. Samsun companies will have the opportunity to open up to foreign markets more easily. New job opportunities will arise for our youth and per capita national income will increase. In short, Samsun will have made a great breakthrough. We will achieve this breakthrough together with our people and non-governmental organizations.

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