People from Gebze

The people of Gebze reacted: The work to remove Gebze from the Marmaray route and shifting the last stop of YHT to Pendik caused the reaction of the citizens. Public opinion It is said that if the dynamics of Gebze and Kocaeli do not come into play, it will only be Gebze.
Moving the last stop of YHT from Gebze to Pendik and Marmaray Halkalı The news about the departure of Gebze flights on the route caused a wide response in Gebze public opinion. The people of Gebze, who were shocked by the regulations made, demanded that the wrong decisions be reversed and that Gebze's rights be defended. Kocaeli, with both gains tax and value-added industries in Kocaeli saves the cost of feeding the injustice done to Gebze and Turkey will pay heavily.
The Gebze people called on the dynamics of Gebze and Kocaeli to stand against injustice. Gebze-Halkalı Citizens who stated that if Marmaray flights were taken to Pendik, there would be great victimization in Gebze, it was a shame that the promises were not kept. In the same way, the use of YHT as the only intermediate stop in Gebze, giving the last stop Pendik'e both the promotion and socio-economic aspects of our district will suffer great damage. The public opinion of Gebze called on the region's active politicians, NGO representatives and authorized names to historic responsibility.



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