Tramway İbrahimli Stage Connection Work in Gaziantep

The Connection Study of Tramway Stage in Gaziantep is underway: Different solution projects carried out by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality for the transportation of the city continue at full speed.
With the intersection of bridges, alternative roads, new buses and tram lines, the Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to minimize the transportation difficulties of Gaziantep, has come to an end in the works of Ibrahimli 3rd Stage.
Since November 15, in the study of 3rd Stage Ibrahimli-Brigade line where scissors connection and rail laying was made between Zübeyde Hanım Boulevard and Kadi Değirmeni, it is connected to the existing (main) line from Bahriye Üçok Avenue. In this respect, while the tram services on this line are temporarily suspended, they come from Akkent and provide a transfer via Rasaf road.
Trams until the end of the work Akkent-Rasaf Road, Rasaf Road-Akkent stations will travel between. Between Rasaf Yolu-Gar and Gar-Rasaf Yolu stations, it will be completed by bus. 10 bellows bus, 4 regular buses and citizens to the city center thanks to the ring bus transportation is provided without interruption. Akkent-Rasaf Road, Gar-Rasaf Road between the stops to pay a single fee for citizens who will pay a separate fee will not be paid to the ring service.
Car drivers traveling on the Gar-Akkent route will be able to go to the university route from the Binevler road using the Wonderland road.
Likewise, vehicle drivers who turn right from Karmen Landscape will be able to travel to the University route by using the Metro Road after passing by Acıoğlu Meat Restaurant.
For citizens who will benefit from transportation on the Akkent-Rasaf Road and Gar-Rasaf Road routes, transfer services will start at 06.00 in the morning and at 06.30 on weekends.

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