Fraport 3. Demand to the airport

Fraport 3rd Airport, which manages to operate 12 airports, praised the 3rd Airport that Istanbul residents do not want and destroy the lungs of Istanbul.
Peter Schmitz, Member of the Board of Directors Responsible for Operations of Fraport, headquartered in Frankfurt and manages 12 airports around the world, said, “Frankfurt is one of the most important transfer points in Europe. The third airport to be built in Istanbul will be a rival to us in this regard. "Istanbul will be an important hub for flights to the East."
ICF, the joint company of IC Holding and Germany-based Fraport operating Antalya Airport, organized a media tour to Frankfurt, where Fraport is headquartered. ICF Board Member Yaşar Döngel, General Manager Dirk Schusdziara, Security Consultant Natık Canca and Corporate Communications Chief Tuğba Soğukpınar attended the trip, and 10 media representatives from Antalya were present. Journalists touring Fraport's headquarters in Frankfurt Airport, then examined the apron and terminal buildings.
Providing information about Frankfurt Airport, Fraport's Board Member Responsible for Operations Peter Schmitz said that 10 of 1100 thousand employees are Turkish. Noting that the area hosted 500 aircraft and 58 million passengers last year, Schmitz announced that 2 million cubic meters of cargo were transported.
Describing the growth process of Frankfurt Airport, one of Europe's largest transfer points, Schmitz said that the 4th runway and Pier A-Plus terminal, which provides special service to large-body aircraft such as the A380, were opened last year. Stating that they will start the construction of the 3rd terminal in 2016, Peter Schmitz said, “80 thousand employees and 500 companies operate within the airport”.
Stating that they operate 12 airports in the world, Schmitz said that although Frankfurt has a population of 600 thousand, the total population of the Main region to which it is connected reaches 5-6 million, still smaller than Istanbul.
Stating that the 3rd airport to be built in Istanbul will be their rival, Fraport Board Member Peter Schmitz said:
“Frankfurt and Istanbul will be rivals. As Frankfurt, we are already above our capacity. Capacity utilization rates are almost XNUMX percent. Second, there is a natural truth. The world's economic weight is shifting from Europe to the East. Therefore, Turkey is a growing country, where centers in Istanbul and Turkish Airlines is also very important to an airline. One of the major airlines in the world. Therefore, the economic weight in transfers to the East will shift there. Istanbul will be a natural hub. These aggressive growth plans of Turkish Airlines will also support this. There will be no competition between Frankfurt and Istanbul in terms of passengers in this sense, but there will be undoubted competition as there will be airports with the same characters in general. "
When asked whether the move of the company's headquarters from Frankfurt is on the agenda, Schmitz answered:
“The growth rate of air traffic in Europe is around 4 percent annually. This will drop to 2 percent. In the East, these numbers are 2 digits. For him, the East and the opportunities there are important to us. When it comes to growth and the center issue, it is very difficult to plan for 20 years from today and say that I will make this a base. This depends on many things. When we entered Lima, it was a project for us. But now it has become the most important center. Same in the East. This is not just our decision. It depends on the expropriation and privatization policies of those countries, how strongly they want it. "
Currently being focused on a tender in Brazil Schmitz noted that, while investments in Antalya and Turkey said:
“Why did we enter Antalya? Americans call Europe 'old Europe'. Whether we like it or not. Because the population is old. There are incredible young population in Turkey. It has a very serious economic potential. When you look at these growth figures, you see it very clearly. We predicted that. Therefore, we were looking for opportunities for these two reasons and considering that the market in Europe is already at the saturation point. We chose Turkey because of these two reasons. "
Turkey occurred in 2000 and that the investment is not easy to save Peter Schmitz, "he was in charge of everything related to privatization arrangements. But with the point we have reached today, I can easily say that Antalya is literally a success story for us. We have very good partners and very good colleagues. And we are extremely pleased with our investments in Antalya. After that, our expectations regarding Turkey's future is extremely positive. This means that our strategy to grow in the coming years in Turkey and in our investment strategy and make our priority, "he said.

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