Training on Lift and Ropeway in Erzurum

Training in Erzurum on Elevator and Ropeway: Erzurum Provincial Directorate of Science Industry and Technology provides training for lift companies and ropeway technicians on ve Elevator and Ropeway fer.
20 elevator firm and 70 Ropeway technical personnel attended the Elevator and Ropeway Training 3 will last throughout the day.
Erzurum Provincial Director of Science Industry and Technology Ilhan Aydin, 40 thousand buildings and buildings in Erzurum 4 thousand around the elevator is located 500 to 600 said the elevator is dangerous.
Aydın, i The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology has been organizing 20 elevators and 70 ropeway technical personnel to train and ropeway training. Our trainings will continue throughout the day. As is known, 3 buildings and buildings in our city are estimated to have a total of 40 elevators. The building with elevator in our province is the 4000 elevator regulation (10 / 95 / AT). of 16. In accordance with the paragraphs of the public institutions and NGOs in our city, our writings have been written and the companies that are registered in our province 5 monthly registrations of the companies were requested to send lists. Again TSE and some of our organizations have signed a protocol to conduct audits related to the elevator audits and 3 elevator inspections made in our province of the elevators 6-1000 red risk of the elevator is understood that the 500 evolved. After these practical training, you and I should give more weight to the elevator inspections and accelerate the inspections. Because the elevators are of great importance for our safety of life and property. Of course, this and other audits of our ministry are still in progress in our city. " said

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