Light Rail System Coming to Erzurum

Erzurum Light Rail System Coming: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Kucukler, Capital City television program participating in the program found a description of the light rail system.
The task is to help him again to introduce the enormous projects of Erzurum in the case of small ones, the light rail system, he noted. Our major and major projects include light rail system. Lines, routes and infrastructure were prepared. At present, even the number of wagons is certain eye We are planning to start this project in 2014. Animal husbandry is an important business area in the city layıp We will complete our integrated meat plant and turn our city into a brand city about meat products. In Erzurum there are some historical buildings like Taşambarlar. The Taşambars, which we have taken over, will be a Erzurum bazaar, like the Egyptian Bazaar of Istanbul. TCDD has a Logistic Village Project. We want to play an important role here as the municipality. In addition to winter tourism, we will be one of the central cities of thermal tourism.

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