Ertuğrulgazi neighborhood residents will go to the Ministry

Residents of Ertuğrulgazi Neighborhood Will Go to the Ministry: Residents of Ertuğrulgazi Neighborhood Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. They visited Ahmet Ataç in his office.
Ataç, who supported the citizen by attending the meeting in the neighborhood of Ertuğrulgazi in the recent days, set up a commission in the meeting and offered to explain the problems by going to the Ministry of Transportation and General Directorate of State Railways. Ertuğrulgazi Neighborhood residents and Ataç'ı delegation established by the delegation of the Ministry and General Directorate reported that they have made an appointment. Ç We rejected the plans for the high-speed train in the region because it would harm the Ertuğrulgazi neighborhood. The overpass will divide the neighborhood in two, creating great troubles in the region. We stand by the rightful demands of our citizens. For this reason, we will transfer the issue to the Ministry and the General Directorate by using democratic means. ”
Representatives of Ertuğrulgazi Neighborhood also thanked President Ataç for their support and expressed that they wanted the construction in the neighborhood to be stopped as soon as possible and reorganized with new projects.

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