Error in Marmaray software

Error in Marmaray software: It is said "project of the century" but we cannot even write its name yet. The scandal in Marmaray, which was realized with a cost of 8 billion TL! .. The name of the project was written as 'Maramaray' in the souvenir ticket printed for the passengers getting on the Marmaray.
SözcüAccording to the report of the AKP, which put Marmaray into service with the slogan 'Project of the Century' on October 29, the AKP has made another big scandal. Marmaray, which costs approximately 8 billion TL and connects the European and Asian sides under the sea, has come to the fore with its problems since the first day.
Distributed at the station
Despite the fact that the power 'no problem' despite the 10 days in Marmaray, the passengers can not resolve the malfunctions. Marmaray last scandal, 'Marmaray commemorative ticket appeared. One of the tickets left to the stations for the citizens who rode to Marmaray is Marmaray's picture.
Citizens react
On the other side, with the statement of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım, 'We wish you good journeys Hayır, Hayır 12 November 2013 (incl.) Your journey with Maramaray is free y is included. Thus, the AKP, as the 'Project of the century' Marmaray'ın 'Maramaray' to be included in the ticket as the citizens "even the name could not write right" leads to the reaction.

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  1. marmaray adbdülmecidin on your site not in the news of the second abdulhamid you write ahdülhamit spelling mistakes is the error of the printing 5 billion TL spent by using the project that connects the 2 continent does not see the project I'm condemned to try to close the project with the error made by Matba.

  2. Thank you for your attention. However, if you examine our site you will understand our neutral broadcasting.