Ergüney: Be the President of Etso High Speed ​​Train Platform

Ergüney: Etso High Speed ​​Train Platform Become Chairman: Erzurum First Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) Chairman Zafer Ergüney asked the city to adopt the platform to be created by NGOs for the realization of the Erzurum leg of the high-speed train project. Ergüney expressed his belief that a platform led by Erzurum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ETSO) would be successful.
Support for the 'We Want High Speed ​​Train to Erzurum Platform', which will be established by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD), began to pour support. Zafer Ergüney, Chairman of the Board of Osb, said that he welcomed the initiative of MUSIAD on behalf of the city.
Ergüney stated that they had been working on the inclusion of Erzurum in the high-speed train project in the previous periods and stated that the benefit-cost analysis should be made and presented to the relevant people in order to bring the project in question before the planned date. Emphasizing that Erzurum is the economic center of the region and appeals to 4 million 500 thousand people, Osb President said, “8 thousand planes land in Erzurum annually. There are more than 100 thousand students. Again, a lot of military personnel. High speed train should be brought to the winter tourism center Erzurum. With the high-speed train coming to the city, the current potential will pay off economically in a short time. " said.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Osb pointed out that he believes that the platform should be created under the leadership of ETSO in order for the city to protect the high speed train project. “We welcomed the news that the platform 'We want high speed train to Erzurum' was established under the leadership of MUSIAD. We want ETSO to lead and preside over the platform so that all of Erzurum is owned and all NGOs support it. As Osb, we are ready to support Müsiad's initiative in all matters. " he spoke.
Ergüney noted that the presence of the Regional Directorate of State Railways in Sivas reflected negatively on Erzurum and said, “When a camera in Erzurum station fails or a simple tender project is sent to Sivas for approval. Businessmen and tradesmen from Erzurum cannot get a share in this budget of the State Railways Sivas Region, which has an annual budget of 40 million lira. With the arrival of the high-speed train to Erzurum, the load of the railways will increase, so we believe that a regional directorate should be established in Erzurum. found in the description.

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