Erbaada Rail System Works

Erbaada Rail System Studies: Before the rail system works in Erbaa district of Tokat, the experts of the work examined the transportation plan.
Erbaa district of Bursa, the company officials came to inspections of the rail transportation system thought the route found. Erbaa Mayor Ahmet Yenihan, who told the press about the project, said his dreams had started to become reality. That Turkey is the first time the county to discuss some of the rail system and sit on the agenda stating that they were proud of this, "realistic my dream that we have established, can you, Erbaa infrastructure Did accordingly, does this system works in the itinerary we imagine? People who know these things need to see. These dreams are becoming more concrete. Our friends who do research will convert their studies and researches into a report. A transport master plan will be released. Today you know the subject of the lives of metropolitan cities is the subject of traffic. Why is there a traffic problem? As we are not able to develop public transport methods, everyone is going to work with their vehicles. The problem is not solved by the parking lot when everyone comes with the vehicle. We employ modern staffs with parkomat application that will not be suitable for urbanization. In Erbaa, we want to make a projection for the future, so that we cannot experience them. We are developing the project with this idea. Hopefully, we want to build a rail system that we dreamed of. İn
Taner Seçkin, an architect working for Kayzer, a consultant in Bursa Ray, stated that transportation works planned in Erbaa should form a backbone. In We are trying to provide necessary data in terms of basic data, vehicle dimensions, transportation models. After determining this data, we will determine the road map of the works to be done. We plan to turn this into a report in two weeks. In Anatolia, the municipality and district Erbaa, which are planning to grow in a planned manner with a population of 60 in the central Black Sea, is happening. We hope that it will create a precedent for Anatolia Öyle.

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