People with disabilities cannot access metrobus

People with disabilities cannot access the Metrobus: Works are underway to design metrobus stops for disabled people. However, the shortcomings of the stops are giving people a hard time.
According to the information provided by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), 22 metrobus stop such as Yenibosna, Zeytinburnu and Sogutlucesme provide easy access for disabled people. Şirinevler, CevizliThere are no lifts and disabled ramps at the crowded stops such as Bağ and Uzunçayır. The absence of elevators and ramps at these stops is causing serious distress for both disabled and elderly and pregnant citizens.
One of the millions of disabled citizens, Tamer Gökoğlu, explained how he could reach public transport. In 2000, Gökoğlu had been suffering from MS, one of the brain and spinal cord diseases, and was confined to a wheelchair after his second stroke. For Tamer Gokoglu, the road chase begins when he leaves his house on a steep hill.
Gökoğlu sets out to ride the bus. It's hard to find disabled ramps on the sidewalks. Many of the paving stones are at a height that the wheel of the disabled car cannot exceed. Gökoğlu has to use the road that cars use. Tamer Bey is waiting for the municipality bus to go to the metropolitan stop of Edirnekapı. The first bus waited for the next bus as there was no ramp for the disabled. On the second bus there was a ramp but it was not opened because it was broken. Naturally, Tamer Bey handed the citizens a helping hand. Gökoğlu, landed at the stop of Martyrs. An obstacle to go to the metropolitan station of Edirnekapı was the tramway. The tramway, which was a pit, was able to cross the road with the help of others. The elevator at Edirnekapı metrobus stops down without difficulty. With the help of citizens with the help of disabled ramps easily ride the metrobus. Difficulties were not limited when he landed at Mecidiyeköy station. There are ramp and lift problems at this stop. Again, with the help of the citizens in the vicinity, they are coming down the stairs. After finishing his work in Mecidiyeköy, he returns to ride the metrobus.
He tried to go upstairs using the escalator at the Mecidiyeköy stop. It was more difficult than it came. There was no lift at the Metrobüs station in Zeytinburnu. It reached the Zeytinburnu metro station using the disabled ramp. Metro to Aksaray station. When he came out, it was getting dark. It would be hard for him to go home. Therefore, he had to use a taxi.
Tamer Bey's one day adventure shows what kind of difficulties people with disabilities face.

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