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We could not download it yesterday, we cannot download it today: TCDD General Manager Karaman, who commented on the intense interest in Marmaray saying "We could not get on the train yesterday, we cannot download it now", answered the criticisms and claims about the train.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) breadth- longitudinal Century Project and General Manager Süleyman Karaman talked Marmaray.
How many times have you been on Marmaray?
I forgot the number… I got on hundreds of times since the tests. From eight in the morning to 24 in the evening ...
How does it feel?
I take the train since my childhood. Then I became the general manager of the railways. As part of my job, I traveled by train both at home and abroad. But let me say this: Marmaray is different… You go under the sea. One step Asia, one step Europe ... And this business has a proud side for our citizens. Not only me, but read the meaning of those faces, watch the faces of the 1 million passengers we have carried in the last three days, and you will see that pride.
1 million passengers is a very good figure ...
In the past we were forced to get people on the train, now we have a hard time downloading. We have passengers who cross the train many times from morning to night and do not leave the station. But okay. Istanbul waited for Marmaray for a long time. We do not find this odd. Density makes us happy, not just congestion. Of course, the fact that the first days are free of charge has a share in this intensity.
The opening has turned into an international summit, statesmen, ministers ...
Of course, this project does not only concern Istanbul. It also concerns every country in the modern silk railway corridor, from east of Asia to west of Europe. Its normal to have such intense interest ... Turkey is becoming one of the most active countries in this corridor. countries who do not know that the past is the envy of the rest of our railway project in Turkey is watching us.
What do you call the early claims?
There is no such thing as early opening of such projects. The firm makes, checks while doing, reports, delivers the work, you agree. The consultant firm reports 'done', an international certificate is required to start it.
Is this certificate received?
Of course it was taken. Certified by TÜVSÜD-RAİL.
So what happens if the earthquake?
Marmaray is now safe enough to not be damaged even in the highest possible earthquake… God forbid, there will be no stone left on stone in Istanbul, then Marmaray will risk it… That means doomsday…
How is it different from İZBAN operated in İzmir?
It doesn't pass under the sea there, it goes here. This is a system that does not have many examples in the world in terms of architectural feature and construction techniques due to the nature of the work, and is used intensively in the world ... It will be connected to the silk railway corridor in the future ... Freight trains will also pass through here at night ...
There was a lot of criticism after the opening ...
I'm sorry about the cracking sounds after the first day. I recommend breaking down the prejudiced approach about Marmaray and seeing everyone here.
General Manager Karaman said that not only Istanbulites are curious about Marmaray. Karaman said, “People from all nations got on. Some people came from Kastamonu even from Kahramanmaraş. It's not just Istanbul Turkey's expectations, "he said. When we heard Karaman's words, we thought, "Did history repeat itself?" Because centuries ago, Üsküdar Kastamonu was within the borders of Sancakbeyligi. Now, people from Kastamon come to Istanbul and take the train from Üsküdar, the most important station of Marmaray.
People walked the first day. Do not even have high voltage?
All tunnels have walkways on the edges. There is a passage gate every 200 meters. It's not a tunnel of fear. It is a comfortable and wide area that can sustain your life… Even if the train stops somehow, the first station can be reached by walking up to 100 meters on both sides. Before Marmaray was opened, simulations were made on earthquake, flood, fire, power outage, emergency brake. There is no risk.
As a matter of fact, the emergency brake has been pulled ...
Yes, it was. That's why the train departed for a few minutes. But soon after the train continued again.
Why did she pull away?
The first day was very intense, three emergency brakes were pulled. He also interrupted short-term traffic.
How is the system being controlled?
There is a control center at Üsküdar station. It is controlled automatically from here. Both electromechanical systems and trains are automatic… It goes without a human being, but we have two engineers on the train.
What happens when the train breaks down?
Emergency response vehicles on both sides of the line, two locomotives, two ambulances are ready. In such a case the tractor is removed by train.
Is your home insecure when you have insurance at home?
Why did the power cut off the first day?
If your home fuse for a moment, if you go back to the house if you remove the switch is unsafe. Or your house is losing home property.
People walked but…
See, there were even other trains at that time. Since a train was close to the platform, its passengers passed the 1 meter 40 centimeter walkway. The rest continued on when electricity came. There is no risk, no insecurity in this… Those roads were built so that people could walk when the train broke down.
What if it was electric?
How will it strike? The road was designed so that the pedestrian was not shocked. Pedestrian roads in the tunnel were made for the passengers to walk. Not for the train.

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