Divriğiye transportation will be easier with railroad

Transportation to Divriğ will be facilitated by rambus: Sivas Governor Zübeyir Kemelek stated that the work on the "rambus" flights planned to be built in Divriğı district continued and the flights will start in a few months. Emphasizing that the people will reach the Ulu Mosque more easily with the raybus system and that these trips will also contribute to tourism, Kemelek said that old-style locomotives are considered for the trips, but they prefer the railroad to avoid disruptions in transportation and to make it faster. Kemelek added that the railroad is faster, more modern and comfortable. The Great Mosque of Divrigi, which was built in 1228 by the son of the ruler Süleyman Şah, who was one of the Anatolian principalities during the period of Mengücekoğulları, is an important work in terms of faith and historical tourism. The Divrigi Ulu Mosque and Darüşşifası, introduced with the slogan “Don't die without seeing”, fascinates its visitors with its architectural style.

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