Privatization of Derince Port

📩 28/11/2018 17:23

Privatization of Derince Port: At the Extraordinary Assembly Meeting of Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce, it was decided to participate in the tender for the privatization of Derince Port, which is owned by TCDD, for 36 years by the method of "Granting the Operating Right".
KOTO council members authorized the members of the board of directors to "establish an economic enterprise or to find a partner in the economic enterprise to be established" by the chamber, so that KOTO can participate in the privatization tender of Derince Port.
KOTO Chairman Murat Özdağ, in his speech, noting that the country's economic Kocaeli is one of the major cities, the company said that the city provide a great contribution to Turkey's economy.
Expressing that Izmit Bay is a natural port, Özdağ emphasized that the important transportation network of the country is also provided from Kocaeli.
Stating that Derince Port is of strategic importance in terms of logistics, Özdağ said:
“When we look at the load distribution of our country, Kocaeli, we know that it has an important share of 16 percent. We do this with 43 ports and piers we own, of which Derince Port has a 4 percent share. This is a serious number. In return for the money you pay, you will be given the right to operate the port for 36 years. "
- "Derince Port has strategic importance for the companies in the city"
Explaining that the port business is growing gradually and exists in the important strategic targets of the countries, Özdağ said, “We are a country that can reach the targets of 2023 and 2071 now. If we can draw them, we can draw them as our province. The export of 2023 billion dollars, which is our target in 80, will not only be made by big companies here. In the realization of this goal, our medium-sized companies will exist. We need to make these companies competitive and recognizable abroad. In this, we need to reduce their costs, ”he said.
Expressing that Derince Port has strategic importance for the companies in the city, Özdağ emphasized that it is unthinkable that KOTO should not be involved in the privatization process of Derince Port.
explaining that in the other room Özdağ subsidiaries in Turkey, "the transfer of the right to harbor business of an organization such as the roof of the city KOTO trade can not be expected to remain indifferent," he said.
The agenda item, which was submitted to the vote of the council members after the speeches, was accepted by majority vote.

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