Railway Safety Management Training

Railway Safety Management Training: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the Head of Department of Education and Training in November Ozdemir, said transport speed increases security become more important, "her to safety management, we want to put a corporate structure. We have made progress in this regard, ”he said.
Özdemir made a report to the journalists in the "Railway Safety Management Training" held in a hotel in Eskişehir in cooperation with the International Railways Association (UIC), the Statistical Economic, Social Research and Education Center of Islamic Countries (SESRIC), the TCDD and the Middle East Railway Education Center (MERTCe). in the statement, the event announced will continue until 9 November.
Özdemir emphasized that rapid security in transportation systems has become the most important factor and said:
“As speeds increase, security becomes even more important. Therefore, we want to put the safety management into an institutional structure. We have made progress in this regard. We try to improve the system, taking into account international standards and European norms. The aim of the training was also meaningful that the Middle East Education Center, which we established regionally in Eskişehir, chose 'safety management' on the first subject. We are considering improving this further. ”
In his speech at the meeting, UIC Specialization Development Department Head Nathalie Amirault stated that the headquarters of the International Railways Association, which was established in 1922 for the purpose of standardizing railway operating conditions, is located in Paris and today has 5 members on 230 continents.
Turkey is also one of its member states that transmits AMIRAULT, they care about the safety of the railway administration, young people and carry out a study in order to be more women employed in the sector told.
Expressing that they take the mission of contributing to the railway development in the Middle East region, Halim Soltekin, the Director of the MERTCe Eskişehir Training Center, which was established under the coordination of UIC, said, The diversity in environmental relations necessitates a systematic and feasible safety management system. Railway Safety Management Training was organized to meet the necessary training needs in this context. ”
SESRIC Director Mehmet Fatih Serenli said that he is happy to be in Yunus Emre's land, saying, “This educational program in this ancient wisdom will equip this ancient geography with new wisdom networks. He will contribute positively to the peace and stability of the geography and development goals. ”
The program includes 23 representatives from Nigeria, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Pakistan, Togo, Comoros (Comores), Iraq, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, as well as universities with TCDD experts, rail systems (Anatolia, Karabük, Niğde, Cumhuriyet, Erzincan. ) and officials from non-governmental organizations and the General Directorate of Railway Regulation.

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