Çobanbey Railway Border Gate to be improved

Improvement will be made at Çobanbey Railway Border Gate: KİLİS - Governor Süleyman Tapsız stated that improvement work will be done at Çobanbey Railway Border Gate in order for humanitarian aid to reach Syria faster.
Tapish, in his written statement, Çobanbey Railway Border Gate was opened at 2009 said.
The operation of the door to increase the function is transferred Tapalan, said:
'Improvements will be made at the Çobanbey Railway Border Gate in order to reach the humanitarian aid to Syria faster. As it is known, supplies are sent through the Öncüpınar Border Gate. It will be good for our city if we activate the railway gate. In addition, there will be no transition outside of humanitarian aid from Cobanbey. '
Tapsız, Hassa Tunnel and Polateli Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) with the opening of the Önüpınar Customs Gate will be insufficient, therefore stressed that a second border crossing would be needed.

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