CHP's Gürkan: We Will Make A Revolution In Alternative Tourism In Güzelbahçe By Cable Car

CHP's Gürkan: We Will Make A Revolution In Alternative Tourism In Güzelbahçe With The Cable Car: The President of Güzelbahçe Change Association and CHP Güzelbahçe Mayor candidate Mustafa Gürkan, who wants to make Güzelbahçe the center of attraction for tourism, took action.

Stating that they aim to make Güzelbahçe, which is one of the most beautiful districts of İzmir, the capital of “organic tourism” in addition to sea tourism, Gürkan said, “Güzelbahçe is a unique district with its natural structure, forest areas and sea. However, despite all its advantages, it cannot get enough share in tourism. Today, it is not possible to see a single person for tourism purposes within the borders of the district. They are right, the district, which has problems with transportation, is a little behind in bringing these features to the fore. The cooperative should think like a continuation of our claim. Cooperatives we will establish to enrich agriculture can pave the way for nature tourism. We have a cable car project to Küçükkayaköy via Atatürk Mahallesi. We aim to bring tourists to a unique nature by air transportation without cutting a single tree over a lush green area. said.

Expressing that the understanding of tourism in the world has shifted from the sea to history and from history to nature, Gürkan said, “5-star, all-inclusive hotels are not everyone's dream anymore. People dream of forest areas where they can step on the ground with their bare feet, where sunlight does not enter, and fruits and vegetables from their branches. If you can make this possible, it is possible to get a share of tourism in the next 5 years. That's why we brought the ropeway project to the agenda. We want to move people away from the smell of exhaust to the areas where nature tourism will be done. This can be done by the municipality or by the private sector. We are ready to provide any kind of support. Yeşil Güzelbahçe is one of the few districts in İzmir that can do this job. We will use it very well, ”he said.

Stating that it is not possible to get a share from tourism in the heart of İzmir in any other way, Gürkan continued his words as follows;

“I am ready to work day and night so that Güzelbahçe, which is unique with its natural beauties, can see the investments it deserves. I want Güzelbahçel's face to smile. People should be satisfied with municipal services. The municipality should be able to touch every house. This can be both material and spiritual. I want people here to catch this happiness over the land. Our priority is to bring cooperatives back to Güzelbahçe's agenda in order to improve agriculture. Right after, we will bring nature tourism and organic tourism to this district in parallel with the cable car project. My projects have been filled. It is very easy to implement them with the necessary zoning changes. Güzelbahçe in 2014 after local elections will take a very short time every aspect of Turkey's agenda.