Canalioğlu evaluated Arsin Yeşilyalı logistics center

📩 25/11/2018 19:18

Canalioğlu Arsin Yeşilyalı evaluated the logistics center: CHP Trabzon deputy Volkan Canalioğlu evaluated the approval of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by Arsin Yeşilyalı to request the establishment of an Industrial Center together with the Logistics Center. Canalioğlu, time is very important about the logistics base, stating, zaman time is very important for the logistics base. A new landfill will bring a waste of time. It lasts at least a few years.
There may also be a re-cost. In order to avoid wasting time at the new cost, the available areas should be evaluated. Yeni Canalioğlu also questioned whether the project of the new project is ready or not, ı Does the landfill have a project? Is the infrastructure built? In terms of time, they must be completed as soon as possible. Has it been brought to the tender stage? Accordingly, it is necessary to examine and decide. With a political decision, we're going to do it here. While we had ready space, the logistics center could be realized quickly with its superstructure. All of these things should be left aside to fill the sea. We need to open up to the south with new projects.

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