Kadriye is stolen again

Kadriye plays degenerating again: They have become so miserable that they are now hoping to learn from the pretender Kad
When Haydarpasa Train Station was closed, three heroine shopkeepers who were selling there had to move their looms!
There is also a restaurant (they call the restaurant, of course, the restaurant restaurant!), Eight buffets, a newsstand, a barber shop, and a memishouse.
The treacherous ruler is smashing the economy of the country by leaving the unemployed of simitists and mongers!
Two hundred and fifty people eat bread, five hundred people eat in the hotel. No one thinks of her.
The issue of Haydarpaşa Train Station was lifted and re-used as temcit pilaf. Haydarpaşa Train Station "dysfunctional" to remain retired officer newspapers are very deteriorating.
Because Marmaray makes them very uncomfortable, others have developed enough to say nonsense mal I will not pass through the tunnel they do Çünkü.
The high-speed train also makes them uncomfortable, the high-speed train will not come to Haydarpaşa, Söğütlüçeşme meet with regret.
The reason is certain: Ya, now no meaning of the meaning of the Haydarpaşa gar building is made in the hotel is also the pro-government capitalist who earn money from there?
With the most beautiful view to be found in Istanbul, yüzünden It is much better than the view of Çırağan ayı Çırağan Palace was also beautiful, Özal won a lot of money from there and capitalists İstanbul
They were afraid of Allah as a hotel.
What should it be? Must be returned to the old function.
Well, folks should not cross the bridge with Marmaray, land from Haydarpaşa and wait for the Karaköy ferry. Or it's best to close Marmaray. Billions on the street.
Or, better yet, whether the land train from Ankara or not, Ataturk and his tak accompanying gladie-de-mutade in should be taken to Dolmabahçe 'Let the locomotive foshs smoke and some mysterious blondes take a train. Osman Fahri Bey, who is said to have eternal life, has made a film and a blonde is playing Filiz Akın.
To do this, go to a few rascals who think he is left-winged and play the guitar on the Haydarpaşa stairs and yell gidip I want my train Bunu. Let them know. (He wants his train but does not ride to Marmaray.)
Nâzım also wrote the poem of the ratio, didn't he, sir, “sun, tiredness and bustle tı, how can a hotel be made in such a sacred space?
Fortunately, the same idiots do not say that the German imperialists in the 1908 had to be demolished. And thank you. (Sömür I was happy when the Bosphorus mansions built by treacherous Ottoman aristocrats exploiting our people are happy to be burnt sömür) sömür
The man is flying from the Batman to Istanbul for ninety pounds, they want the black train to arrive in three days!
We're not going to build a bridge, we're not going to build an airport, they're going to call it opposition, they're going to give us all their votes, are they friends?
Let's walk, you will only play “Kadriye Kad in Haydarpaşa Train Station.

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