Bursan would be almost three lifts

It would be almost three cable cars of Bursan: After half a century, the renovation of the cable car line of Büyükşehir Bld. Is an important development for the city and tourism.
The 20 began the ropeway trial voyages, which will reach the Uludağ Hotels Zone in just a few minutes.
Well, if 50 was the first passenger of the cable car years ago, I wonder who you were; Let us explain:
The journalist from Bursa was the late Necati Akgün.
Those years Milliyet newspaper's representative Akgun in a detailed interview with the cable car made an introductory work.
On that day on the cable cars, Akgün, who was riding on one of the simple raft-shaped boats that had been hovering on the wires and carrying the material, was sitting on the cross-legged.
When the subject of the ropeway was opened, the deceased would tell with laughter about their adventurous journey.
We had an adventure film in the cable car in the past.
The actor who was the main boy on one of the wagons was chasing a figure. However, because of the role, when the door was closed from the inside, it also appeared on the top of the car and was taken to the chase camera.
However, because of his role, the black figurine had fallen over the wagon and made a last breath among the lush green pines during this journey.
In the first years the cable car had attracted wide interest from many foreign tourists.
A hotel built by the municipality in Sarıalan was also the center of attention.
However, when the hotel started warming up in the winter months, it happened. Hotel closed.
Then, an operator from Germany named Gürsel Hanım hired.
He spent a great deal of money on the hotel's heating problems.
At certain intervals, Isipet company carried the road to the hotel in Sarıalan by tankers and heating oil.
However, when the fuel money could not be paid, Gürsel Hanım said goodbye to the hotel.
This thought belongs to the late Mustafa Taylan, who was known as the king of the ginos in Bursa.
Taylan Casino at Kültürpark was the most spectacular place of time. The most famous artists took the stage here. Zeki Muren included.
Just next to Gazinon, Mustafa Taylan had a night club with the same name.
The casino and nightclub were almost at a level with the famous entertainment venues in Istanbul.
Taylan won very good money from this job probably started to build a ropeway starting from the side of his casino in the Kültürpark.
The goal of the cable car line with small cabins was the facilities of the Special Provincial Administration, located in the Kireçocakları area on Uludağ Road.
Mustafa Taylan will rent these facilities and will make it a tourist attraction.
Thus, Taylan's cable car would take the kitchens or nightclubs at Kültürpark with the tiny cabins of this lift to the facilities on the way to Lime Walkers. The entertainment was going to continue at the facility with a panoramic view of Bursa.
That's what he thought. But when the Special Administration did not respond favorably to the famous gazinocunun proposal, Kültürpark-Kireçocakları cable car dream ended in a short time.
If Mustafa Taylan could accomplish this dream, he would have established his second cable car.
3. cable car:
A third cable car project had been built in the recent past.
The project is owned by Bursa Metropolitan Bld. former President Erdoğan Bilenser. Bilenser, Metropolitan Bld. He made this interesting project during his candidacy.
Idea; It was a ropeway line between Kültüpark's İpekiş Gate and Haşim İşcan Park in front of Muradiye State Hospital.
With this project, Bilenser would bring a different solution to the heavy traffic in the region.
The central garage and the workplaces around and around Muradiye, Tophane and those who live around the house from home to work from this cable car could reach easily. Bilenser's ropeway would also win a touristic function in the city.
It did not. This project could not be performed.
Because when Bilenser took office, he had to endeavor intensively to put the BursaRay Light Rail System into operation.
For this reason, the cable car line of İpekiş-Devlet Hastanesi was buried in history.
Yeah, our first lift is 50 today. years.
It will be possible to get out of Uludağ with a safe journey in sparkling, modern cabins. 22 in minutes.
In summary; Bursa and Bursa tourism was again the winner. Thanks Metropolitan.

Source: Erdal ABI - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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