Bursa Made A New Move In Transportation With Helitaxi Application (Video - Photo Gallery)

Bursa has made a new move in transportation with helitax application: a ring with helitaksi
- Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul and all over Turkey's mainly helicopters were being used to transport rental service is offered to all countries of the world.
- Helitaxi, which has been taken into the system by the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made Bursa a city that can be reached step by step, reduces Bursa and Istanbul to 25 minutes.
- Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Bursa, which is a strong and ambitious city, has established itself in the world with its new vision in transportation”.
- President Altepe: “It is now possible to get to the desired point of Istanbul from Bursa in 25 minutes with Helitaxi.”
- Altepe: “We aim for development and development in every field in Bursa.”
By Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul and Turkey closer to other provinces with the purpose helicopter rental services offered to all countries of the world (Helitaks) service began.
Mayor Recep Altepe, helicopter charter (helitaksi) service at the meeting of the helicopter field BURULAŞ, aiming to develop Bursa in all areas, he said.
In order to make Bursa a more accessible city, Altepe added that they added new services to the transportation services every day and added, “We are proud of realizing a first in Bursa and we are going to have another need for the city. We are making Bursa more advantageous in the use of airlines Bursa.
Noting that Bursa took fast and sure steps towards becoming a eler world city,, President Altepe said, 'In the last period, important moves have been made both as a central government and at the local level. Bursa, the era is jumping. Bursa continues its path with a new vision with important and exemplary services carried out in local administrations. Bursa is an ambitious city with targets. Bursa's new vision, natural beauty and cultural values ​​to protect and work in all areas of development and development is to ensure, Bursa he said.
”Our goal is development in all areas“
President Altepe, the potential of the city in Bursa has moved forward with each passing day. Altepe said, ti Our goal in Bursa is development in every area. Bursa He added that tourism will open the way and that Bursa will be the focus of the firms among the world's giants in a short time. Bursa Altima, which is a pioneer in rail systems, this month with a passenger beyond the 500 thousand BUDO is a brand of the city reminded that. Altepe, Istanbul and Bursa closer to the seaplane with a significant lack of Bursa found that the answer and 2 said the new aircraft will start voyages after the new year.
25 minutes by helitaxy from Bursa to Istanbul
Mayor Altepe, adding that the application of helitaxi will add value to the city, said, “Bursa, a powerful city, has established itself in the world with its new vision in transportation. Helicopter taxi, helitaxy, was brought to the agenda at the request of BTSO and the business world. Getting down from Bursa to the desired point of Istanbul in 25 minutes was an important demand of the business world and a deficiency of Bursa. This is now being eliminated with BURULAŞ. Every morning and evening from the heliport, BURULAŞ's heliport, KadıköyScheduled flights will be available to Beşiktaş and Atatürk Airport. from Bursa KadıköyHelitaxy can be reached by 300 TL, Beşiktaş by 325 TL and Atatürk Airport by 350 TL. on the other hand Kadıköy 100 TL between Beşiktaş and Beşiktaş, Kadıköy 150 TL will be provided between Atatürk Airport and Atatürk Airport. The average of 25 minutes of transportation from Bursa to Istanbul will take place with a fleet of 13 vehicles from Skyline. ” He pointed out that helitax will contribute to the economy and tourism of the city while saving time.
First flight from President Altepe
Stating that they have made Bursa a step-by-step city, President Altepe emphasized that with the 6 helicopter 13, passengers can reach different points of 100 in Istanbul within half an hour. In the morning and evening 2 departure and 2 return to the scheduled scheduled flights to the total 4 voyage may increase according to demand President Altepe, the second leg of the project also said that special flight services will be done. Turkey's and the world's BURULAŞ which will provide private helicopter hire these different points, as well as advertising shots transportation, ambulance service, will offer helicopter rental services for environmental control and search and rescue services. Following the publicity meeting with Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats and businessmen from Bursa, Mayor Altepe made his first flight with helitaksi and went to İnegöl.

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