Bursa Metropolitan Municipality brings Bursa to the level it deserves

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality takes Bursa to the level it deserves: T1 line was built, it became operational. Silkworm on the road.
BursaRay Gürsu, which will extend the light rail system to the east of Bursa, is also underway in the Kestel line.
Mimar Sinan – Orhangazi University, Hacivat, Şirinevler, Otosansit, Değirmenönü – Works are continuing in 7 kilometer Kestel stage consisting of Cumalıkızık, Gürsu and Kestel stations.
Within the scope of the project, renovation works of Hacivat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges are continuing. When the work is completed, the region will have 3 lane road bridges in the north and south, and 2 lane light rail bridges in the middle.
Metropolitan Municipality will add a new 7 line to the city ring line. In this way, Pınarbaşı İpekçilik, Yıldırım, Terminal, Nilüfer, Çekirge, Beşevler and Küçükbalıklı lines will also be able to reach the city center by tram.
The works that will prevent air pollution and noise pollution caused by vehicle density and exhaust smoke in the city center in Bursa will make the city center more attractive.
Located in the middle of the Historical Bazaar and the Hanlar District, Cumhuriyet Street was closed to car traffic. The 107 annual dream of the street came true with the tram linking Victory Square and Davutkadı.
Metropolitan Municipality, citizens from Mudanya KabataşEstablished Bursa Sea Buses Operations (BUDO), which will deliver to Istanbul by sea.
The steps of the sea buses that will operate under the management of the transportation company BURULAŞ of the Metropolitan Municipality were also taken. They're working.
Aiming to bring Bursa and Istanbul closer, BUDO started its flights in January with the ships of Hüdavendigar, Yıldırım Beyazıt and Nilüfer Hatun…
On the other hand, Metropolitan Municipality has added seaplane flights to land, air, sea and rail transportation investments.
Seaplane flights between Gemlik and Istanbul started.
Bursa businessmen 20 minutes was in Istanbul.
With the project, the 19 seaplanes were lifted from the Golden Horn and landed at Gemlik Dörtyol.
Construction work on the new cable car, which will reach the Hotels Region in 22 minutes from the Teferrüç station in Bursa and is the longest line cable car in the world with 8,84 kilometers, is accelerating. kazanwas.
In the new system, where the current passenger capacity will be increased to the floor of 12, with the 8 gondola type cabin with the capacity of 175, each person will be prevented from waiting in line.
to Bursa kazanThe stadium with a capacity of 45 thousand people, in accordance with the announced UEFA standards, will be put into service in the middle of next year, that is, before the election.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in the historical and cultural heritage of the foot to lift operating in Turkey and sets an example to the world.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its renovation works to bring the historical heritage close to 270 from all over the city, to the UNESCO World Heritage List, crowned it.
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