BTK railway at the last cornering

BTK railway in the last corner: Basics of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia with the participation of presidents thrown Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line project is scheduled for completion in June 2014.
Kars Governor Eyup Tepe, said in a statement, this year until the end of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line by expressing the desire to complete the end of the auction process due to the appeal of the deadline in the deadline said that the dead end.
Expressing that the works are progressing rapidly and that the employees are in an intense work when they visited last month, Tepe said, “We expect it to end in June next year. Of course, there will be trial runs after it is over. Kars project as well as the passage of his life waiting for the opening of both Turkey and Azerbaijan in particular railways, Georgia and even Kazakhstan in Central Asia, countries like Turkmenistan is looking forward to, "he said.
Mentioning that the importance of this line also emerged with the opening of Marmaray on October 29, Tepe continued as follows:
“As soon as we finish this line, you have a continuous train route from London to Beijing. Since this line is not built right now, Marmaray comes and ends in Kars. Kars has no continuation. This project is very important in terms of maintaining its continuity and connecting it with Central Asia and even China. Of course Turkey is doing its part, is doing its part on Azerbaijan, Georgia continues to work. Of course, Georgia had a financial crisis last year. Azerbaijan funded it. Studies are also carried out on the Georgian side with the support of Azerbaijan. Georgia with over 2 thousand meters between us that Turkey has 2 thousand meters up a tunnel up to 4 thousand 500 meters, which the Georgian side. The construction of this tunnel continues. That tunnel is very important and borderline. After that tunnel is finished, the rails of the railroad are being laid in certain places as a double track. "
Tepe, Turkey is producing for foreign markets to a much more significant amount of what it produces, he said: "This is not the time when we look into those produced in manufactures and ourselves from scratch and final goods, we usually get intermediate goods, intermediate goods we export after that process and. We buy intermediate goods from outside. Transportation is a very important item, an expense item for countries that have a lot of exports and imports like us. Railways are the most profitable way to reduce this cost. That is why we look forward to the completion of this project, ”he said.
"When the railway is activated, the cost of transportation will suddenly decrease to minimum levels"
Tepe planned to be located next to the organized industrial zone for the planned logistic base, there will be an additional railway line 4,5 kilometers to the logistics center will be connected to the railway link said.
Investors in the organized industrial zone, semi-finished goods by rail through the cheap goods to reach all markets that attract attention Tepe, said:
“Or, on the other hand, if investors buy a raw material, they will have the opportunity to bring that raw material here very cheaply. The biggest handicap for Kars, transportation costs are very expensive. Arriving in Kars with a truck from Istanbul cost more than the product itself. When the railway is activated, the cost of transportation will suddenly decrease to minimum levels. It will both reduce prices for the people of Kars and provide a great advantage for the entrepreneurs, factories and investors in Kars and everywhere will be accessible.
"The line has been turned into dubbing"
Emphasizing that he learned that countries such as Afghanistan and Kazakhstan have very serious demands on the subject, Tepe reminded that the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication made a revision last year in order to meet these demands.
Pointing out that the single line here has been converted into a double, Tepe said, “At the moment, the lines connecting to all over Turkey from Kars to Erzurum, from Erzurum and Erzincan are being improved. I think the double will continue until a certain point. We are an oil consuming country. The most important factor affecting the cost of transportation is fuel. When you reduce transportation, our fuel expenses will also decrease. Turkey is out of this business in every sense. kazanwill come out. I think it is a meaningful project as a country, nation and companies.”

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